THE EUROPEAN COLLECTION + Blackstone Valley Watch Straps

Blackstone Valley WC - Genuine Louisiana Alligator

Gorgeous square grain Louisiana Alligator, Remborde, Heavy Pad, 5.25 Thick, length: 76x116. Available in 18, 19, 20, 22 & 24mm in black and dark brown. Msrp $150, forum special <b>$104.95</b>.

Panny Style Thick Leather, made in Spain

Look close, this is one thick strap, 6mm at the lugs, 3.6 at the point, solid genuine leather with heavy cord stitch in 4 sizes: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm & 24mm and in 6 color variations. $29.95, includes matching spring bars:

Black with Red
Black with Orange
Black with White
Black with Blue
Brown with Ecru
Tan with Ecru

[center][FONT FACE="Brush Script M7" SIZE="4" COLOR="# B22222"]Silicone Tire Tread Deployant[/FONT]

Silicone Tire Tread deployant with double lock satin finish deployant in Black in<b>22mm and 24mm</b>. 185mm total with 30mm trim on each side. $23.95

[center][FONT FACE="Brush Script M7" SIZE="4" COLOR="# B22222"]Diamond Design Silicone with flip Lock Push Button Deployant[/FONT]

Thick Silicon Diamond Tread Design with double lock satin finish deployant in Black, Orange, Blue and Red in 22mm and 24mm. 185mm total with 30mm trim on each side. $23.95

[center][FONT FACE="Brush Script M7" SIZE="4" COLOR="# B22222"]Panny Style Thick Silicone[/FONT]

Thick (5MM) Silicon Panny Style straps in Black, Orange and Blue in 20x18, 22x20 and 24x22 and in 26mm black $17.95

Hand Made Italian Louisiana Farm Alligator

[B]Italian* Hand Made Genuine Farm Alligator Straps[/b] in matte or gloss, large grain or small, Sizes 14 – 22, just about any color available, but shown here: matte honey small grain, matte honey large grain, brown gloss large grain, black matte. MSRP $114 & up, [b]forum price $79[/b]. The more I look at these, the more I think I must be nuts to sell them at this price, they should clearly sell for over a hundred.

So don’t let the price fool you, these are hand made in Italy and an excellent strap for this price.

Also in 24mm Panny style Alligator, padded & stitched, no buckles $89. Polished black, matte brown, polished red, matte black, matte cognac with ecru.

[B]Italian Made Genuine Crocodile 8144[/b] Polished, stitched, medium pad
(approx 4mm thick) genuine crocodile, hand made in Italy. MSRP $84, sale price $59.95
Black, Brown, Navy, Bordeaux, Honey, Cognac (plus 10 other colors) in 10 – 22mm in Regular, Long and Short.

Length 73mm x 113mm

[B]Italian Made Java Lizard[/b]Outstanding scale pattern in this genuine lizard, made in Italy. Sizes range 10mm to 24mm, colors: Bordeaux, Havana, Navy, Black shown plus brown, grey, green, cobalt and 10 others. Available in shorts and longs too. Email for size availability. Dimensions: 75 x 115 x 3.5. Msrp $38.95, forum price $34.95.

Italian Made Breitling Style Genuine Crocodile Padded and stitched, rolled edge, matte Croc strap in 18, 20, 22mm in black, brown, tan, blue, red.
Msrp 89.95, special forum price (30% off) $69.95

Lorica by Morellato Water resistant Lorica in orange, black, red, yellow, blue and white in 18, 20, 22, & 24mm. This is a hypo allergenic Microfiber with a medium cord contrasting stitch. $24.50. I picked this up initially for the Orange/Black Monster crowd, but other colors widen the spectrum of applications.


Alligator Grain Leather, padded & stitched – made in FranceOne of the best alligator grains I've seen, nice bamboo pattern. 16 – 22mm, 26mm in black, cognac, tan, tan with ecru, short black. $25 del.


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