Orient 200m Dive Watch #CEM65002D

Watch Specifications

Model No.: #CEM65002D
Origin: Japan
Date of Purchase: Jan 2011
Package:Watch, Box, Instruction Menu
Movement Type: Automatic
Display type: Analog
Water Resistant: 200m
Diameter: 41mm with crown
Case thickness: 13mm
Strap Width: 22mm

Pre-Purchase Evaluation

1. Beautiful dial color
2. Affordable price for such a high quality timepiece
3. Made by Orient Japan, a reliable and reputable watch-maker

Orient 'Blue Mako' #CEM65002D [Gallery]

Post-Purchase Evaluation

The big buzz surrounding the Orient 200m Dive Watch #CEM65002D , lead to my purchase on this watch widely known as "Blue Mako"

I was blown away by the deep metallic blue dial, the 'highlight' of this watch as the dial has a 2 tone color under different lighting. It can changes from a bright blue to a deep blue under different lighting condition.

However, I wasnot convinced by the look of the watch especially on the 'Hour', the 'Water Resistant' and the 'Bezel' marking. The hour mark is in Arabic Wording (Bold), filled with white illumination material with the surrounding chromed. Personally, I felt that the choice of Arabic Wording will look better using a much nicer Arabic style of wording such as those found in Omega Seamaster. It should not be too 'Big', too 'Bold', over-filled with too much white illumination material and shouldn't be chromed at the surrounding, as oppose to the slim and slick Arabic wording found on Omega Seamaster.

Orient 'Blue Mako' VS Omega Seamaster

In my view, I believed that the design of Orient 'Blue Mako' is actually inspired by Omega Seasmaster (as shown above) with changes to the style of Arabic wording used. Orient chose to have a youthful looking Arabic wording used on 'Blue Mako', unlike the Omega Seamaser, which has a classy and masculine looking Arabic wording. One may argue that it's inappropriate to compare the expensive Omega Seamaster with the affordable 'Blue Mako' but my thought is, since Orient 'Blue Mako' is inspired by the design of Omega Seamaster, they should at least make an effort to further improve the already handsome looking Arabic wording used on Omega Seamaster or worst still, imitate from it.

And Orient choose to have the wording ' Water Resistant' in a 'Italic' way which actually looks kind of awkward. Additionally, the bezel marking was too small in contrast with the over-sized Arabic wording on the hour mark.


As a whole, the combination of the color, the bezel, the 'Water Resistant' wording and the Arabic wording, make me feel that the watch is too boyish looking. It lack of the seriousness you want in a watch. I could not imagine this watch falling on an old man's wrist. But I must admit for the affordable price, the quality and the color of the dial is top-notch. Sadly, its negative side has actually devalued the look of this classy looking 'Dress Watch' it suppose to be. Please do not be mislead, this watch is indeed a 200m diver watch but due to the lack of lume found on the seconds hand, one can assume it is not a certified ISO 6425 diver watch and there is no reason for me not looking at a 'Dress Watch' perspective. But for the price, it is very definitely a good buy for a good quality watch that has a reliable movement and the undeniable, beautiful dial color. The popularity of the watch might be the reason why I have so much high expectation on this watch. Is either you like it or you don't! Everyone do have their own preference. I just happen to be the minority who expected more from a affordable watch that resemble a Omega Seamaster.

Will I recommend watch enthusiastic to buy this watch? Yes! Definitely! If you disagree with what I have mentioned, you should just go ahead and grab it before it's discontinued. Beside the boyish looking of the watch which I disliked, it's certainty a well-worth watch of its class!

2 weeks of wrist time before it is sold off to a owner who will appreciate more than I do.

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