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    Black Mako

    Hello, I have had my watch since April 30 2010. It is a black Mako, model number EM65001B. I have been waiting for the initial "WOW" to wear off but I am only becoming more enamored with the piece as the days go by so here is my review. I'll rate everything on a scale of 10 and give an average at the end.

    I'll start here because this has been an area of contention. First off, the alignment problem. My bezel appears to be perfectly aligned with the markers on the chapter ring and the marker aligns perfectly with 12:00, and anywhere else I set it. It is stiff but I like it that way, it has loosened up a bit but it feels very solid and reliable. Were I to dive with this watch and time my bottom time using the bezel it would be set before I went into the water and without gloves, so no problems there. 10/10

    Initially very bright, then fades away to a still very legible level in darkness. It seems to stay that way for many hours. Were I on a leisure dive I would not be below around 30 or so meters and would not require much, if any, lume. My only complaint here is the lack of lume on the second hand, I love the looks of the second hand and I do think they could have incorporated lume into the red somehow. 8/10

    As of day 11 I have gained just over 4 seconds. Nuf said. 10/10

    Case, Bracelet, Dial & Hands:
    While the sword hands and oyster case and bracelet are obvious nods to other makers, they used well here and combined, with that stunning dial, to create a new and fairly unique aesthetic that is all Orient. I like everything about the look and feel of this watch and have no complaints. I won't even complain about the hollow end links. 10/10

    In summary the watch looks good, feels good and performs well. Its stoic, stark aesthetic with touches of color matches my personality well. It is accurate, which matters to me because although the watch is pretty, I do still need to rely on it. My only complaint, which is really more of a wish, is that the second hand needs some sort of lume, if for no other reason than to determine if the watch has stopped in the dark.
    Overall, I rate this piece at a 9.5 out of 10.

    No pictures, sorry, I think there are plenty of others out there.

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    Re: Black Mako

    Nice review, do you find that the mineral crystal dial a problem, as it is more prone to scratches? This is the only factor holding me back from pulling the trigger.

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