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    CEM65002D -Orient Blue Mako - Review

    CEM65002D - Orient Blue Mako - Review

    Hey guys, this is my first watch review. Itís probably not going to be the best review of this watch, but Iím hoping this review will at the very least give you the info you need to decide whether you want to take a chance and buy this watch or throw it to the side.

    I bought the CEM54002D about three months ago. After receiving it, I found I actually didnít really like this watch as much as when I saw it online. The bracelet didnít fit well, no matter how I adjusted it. And, I didnít like how the watch didnít come with a sapphire crystal. So, I had a few alterations done. I changed the band and the crystal. Now, I canít seem take my eyes off it or keep it off my wrist.

    Hereís a pic of what it looks like now:

    Hereís a close up of the watch face:


    The crystal was initially a mineral crystal. I wanted something a little sturdier, so I went to my watch repairman and had him replace the mineral crystal with a sapphire one. It doesnít have any AR coating, but it gets the job done. This cost me about $70.00.


    The dial is one thing I loved about the watch the moment I saw it. The deep blue of the face itself is just stunning. The numbers at 6, 9, and 12 Oíclock, along with the other hour indices are large and easy to see. If you canít read the time, whatís the point of a watch, right?

    The watch also has the day and date at the 3 Oíclock position. They are also clear and easy to read. The one problem I have with the day and date display is that there are times when the date doesnít seem to be correctly aligned. I have no idea why this happens. However, I didnít feel this was worth having my watch repairman bust open the movement to adjust the date wheel.


    Hereís a pic of the lume after powering it up with my desk lamp. To be honest, it doesnít normally glow this brightly. After wearing it all day, it usually has a dimmer lume that last for about 4 to 6 hours. However, itís really dim by the time I get up in the morning.

    Case & Case back

    The case itself is 41mm Diameter and 13mm Thickness according to internet sources. It feels sturdy to me. This was the first Diver watch I had ever bought. Moreover, I bought it online, and so I never had the chance to try it on before purchasing it. I thought it was going to feel over-sized, but it was great (except for the bracelet which I will address later).

    The case back is screw down. According to the documentation, the watch is water resistant up to 200m. Personally, I have no intention of testing it out. However, I think itís good enough to go swimming in a pool with.

    Crown & Pusher

    The crown is large and protected by one lug on each side. Of course, it has the orient logo imprinted on it. It unscrews and screws back in well. However, when it first unscrews, it feels like it might just pop out of the case. Iím not sure why, but the connection the stem has with the movement doesnít feel sturdy.

    The pusher screws in and out, as well. The problem with the pusher is that it is practically useless. For one, the pusher changes the day. Unlike the date, the day will never change once you set it. Second, you can change the day with the crown as well. So, when the watch dies from lack of charge, it feels like a waste of time to unscrew the pusher just to change the date, when you can already change it with the crown while setting the time. As another member who reviewed this watch said, it would have made more sense to give the pusher the function of changing the date.


    The bezel is unidirectional. It feels very durable. However, itís pretty tough to turn. But honestly, I donít have any intentions of using this watch to dive. So, this isnít really a turn off for me. I feel that the fact that itís tough to turn may be good. It makes me feel like itíll be tougher to break or accidentally move out of position.


    Now, for me, this is the most important part of the watch Ė Itís ability to tell time accurately. The CEM65002D employs a 21 Jewels Orient Japan Automatic Movement thatís made in-house. What does this mean? Honestly not much to me. I donít care where itís made as long as it can keep time well.

    When on my wrist and lying flat with the face up (when Iím not wearing it), this watch appears to gain only about 6-8 seconds a day or less. But, when I donít wear it and it sits in my winder, in a vertical position; the watch can end up with the crown up or down. Thus, at times like this, it can gain from 8-12 seconds a day.

    Additionally, I feel this watch tends to gain more time the more itís wound. I donít know if this is a pattern for automatic watches, but it is for my CEM65002D. Also, when the watch is low on power, you can hack the movement by holding the crown in place or turning it slightly backwards when setting the time. However, once the watch is fully wound, you can no longer hack the time. The movement is innately Non-Hacking.

    In a nut shell, I realize this is not a chronometer and so I no longer hold it such high standards. As longs as itís only about 8 to 10 seconds fast a day, I can live with it.


    The original band for this watch was a solid steel (SS) bracelet that fit between in the 22 millimeters Width lug space on the case. However, as the bracelet felt very awkward on my 7 inch wrist (either too loose or too tight) despite my adjustments, I decided to switch it out. My friend helped me pick out and purchase a leather band that was water proof. It also came with a butterfly deployment. I purchased it on eBay for about $54.99. Even after the purchase of this leather band, the watch still had an awkward fit. So, I used my dremel to drill a hole in it to give the watch a more individual fit. Personally, I feel the black on the band matches the watch pretty well, especially with the blue stitching. It also feels great!

    Spring Bars

    Okay, I know people donít usually review spring bars, but I feel I have to in this case. The spring bars used in this watch are terrible. They are very thin and fragile. First of all, when I removed the SS bracelet, the ends of the spring bars were slightly bent. When I put an Omega Mesh band on this watch, they bent even more. I bought a new set of spring bars that were exactly the same size as the originals from my watch repairman so that I could put the original SS bracelet back on. My watch repairman looked at the bracelet and the bars and just said ďPoor design, poor design.Ē

    When I put on the leather band, I used a size 24mm set of spring bars that were thicker and sturdier than the original 22mm bars. My watch repairman said the only way youíll get them off would be to bust them out in the middle with a screw driver. This may be a problem one day if I decide to change the band or the band gets old. But, I guess this is the price Iíll have to pay. I can live with this decision, though.


    Out of the box, the Blue Mako just didnít do it for me. But after switching out the crystal and picking up a different band, I just love this watch. It keeps time well for a non-chronometer rated automatic watch. It also fits very well. From what Iíve read, this watch appears to be pretty popular at the moment. So, if you want to pick it up, Iíd go for it. And, if youíre like me and donít like it out of the box, itís very simple to modify. Altogether, the modifications I had done cost about $125.00 added onto the original price I paid.

    Thatís all folks. I hope this review will be helpful to you guys out there thinking about getting this watch.
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