I received my Black Mako 1 year ago today and I feel like I should write a review. I will rate everything on a scale from one to ten. First I will provide my ratings and then I will explain them.

Let me start by saying that I really like my watch in spite of the complaints I have.

style - 8
presence - 8
comfort - 8
accuracy - 10
fit and finish - 7
lume - 3
case -3
crystal - 0
bracelet - 4
bezel -6

overall - 5.7

Style: This watch is really beautiful. I bought it for its looks and basd on great reviews. I like that it has some great classic elemnts, like the oyster case and bracelet, signed crown and clasp, and Orients own styling. The dial is clean, the hands, numbers and markers are bold but not overstated. The day/date window is easy to read as well. I really think it is one of the most beautiful watches I own and I own some very beautiful watches.

Presence: Well, it is a dive style watch but is the size of a submariner. It is big and bold without screaming "hey look at my watch". It wears small though and it is light for its size, I think, so I can't really feel it on my wrist most of the time.

Comfort: Like I said above, I can't really feel it on my wrist so that is a plus.

Accuracy: Ok, well, I don't want to make any grand claims about how it compares to my speedmaster pro or my deep sea. Lets just say it keeps better time than both and it is gaining, on average, about 40 seconds per month. I would say that is astoundingly, amazingly accurate for a mechanical at this price.

Fit and finish: I have already kind of covered this in other categories, but it is a nicely designed and built watch overall. My one, and only one, complaint though is that the crystal is not straight, the bottom is higher than the top. At this price, I can't complain too much but I have never had a timex with this problem.

Lume: Until about 3 weeks ago I would have given the lume a 10. I could wake up all night, until about an hour before sunrise and read my watch clearly. As of about 3 weeks ago though, it is not so. The lume is only usable for about 3 hours after the lights go out. Also, why isn't the second hand lumed? They do make red lume. It is possible to make it look exactly the way it does and still glow in the dark.

Case: It seems to be self generating scratches. I don't know where they are coming from. To look at my watch you would think I was wearing it while working on cars. It is fairly beat up.

Crystal: And here we come to the singular reason why I will not be purchasing another Orient product. I have never had ANY watch with a crystal that chipped and scratched so easily. This crystal is absolute garbage. I have owned some really cheap watches and never seen anything like this. It is awful.

Bracelet: Well, the same goes for what I said about the case, and those solid end links are a nuisance. I would have given it a lower score, but I can change the bracelet.

Bezel: A nice clean metal bezel with a reassuring click and solid lock up. The insert is plastic though and the markings are too small and in the wrong font. It does not match the watch at all. It looks as though I took the insert from another watch. It isn't a huge deal, it is still a beautiful watch overall, but after awhile the aesthetics of that insert starts to really grate on your nerves.

Overall: I will not buy another orient product. That said, I do like the watch for its timekeeping abilities and good looks. I do not recommend the brand to ayone looking for a timepiece that will last. If you want a disposable beater then this may be for you. If you want something that you can pass down, you definitely want to look elsewhere.