I'm not new to Orient watches as I've had four or five Mako's, but this is my first Aviator, and also the first Orient watch that I really "bonded" with from the start. The watches that I can for sure call "keepers", are those that have been gifted to me...I'm never calling another watch that I bought a keeper again, but if there's one that I feel would be close...it's this Orient Aviator! 8-) I SERIOUSLY like this watch. From a very attractive dial, excellent lume, in-house movement, and overall quality, it's just a very nice piece for the money.

The case is 43mm wide, and 12mm high, with 22mm lugs. The bezel is unidirectional, 60 clicks, and has nice actuation. The bezel is about a fifth of a second off center, but I have heard that the bezels can be off by half a second, which would be reason enough to return it IMHO. Mine is fine for what I intend to wear this watch for. The crown is screwdown, two position pull out for date and time. The date is quick-set, but the day is not. It's basically a pain in the arse to set, this is how it's done-

you will have to roll it past midnight so the day changes once the hour hand is past 3 am you can roll back again to around 9 pm and then forward again past midnight and to 3 am and back again to set the day where you want it! It is best to set the day and date one day back and then run the hands around to advance them both to be sure they flip right!
Other than that, this is a nice watch, great bracelet (though I am going to put mine on a different bracelet that I just ordered), and great value. The movement isn't super accurate (rated at something like -25/+15 a day, but I'm not using it to turn the two keys. ;)

On to some pics...

Very happy with this one... >:( >:(