Orient CEV0E001B "Leather Classic" + LSZAS001W0 review

Thread: Orient CEV0E001B "Leather Classic" + LSZAS001W0 review

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    Orient CEV0E001B "Leather Classic" + LSZAS001W0 review

    Mine just arrived today and i have worn it for half a day now. Orient can use this review as they like, etc, etc.

    I won't bother posting the same pictures of the Orient boxes everyone is so familiar with...let's start with a quick rundown of the specs :

    Caliber : Orient 46VE automatic
    Case/glass : Stainless steel case 38mm, mineral glass 31mm
    Complications : Day and Date
    Dial : Outer circle dark blue, inner circle dark violet, aluminium looking numerals
    Lume : None. At all.
    Strap : Leather, seems to be embossed(not an expert here)
    Water resist : 50 meters

    I nicknamed it the "Leather Classic" since the line contains classic looking timepieces with a leather strap. The official Classic line only contains one leather strap watch, though it does look pretty similar(which i always found odd, since they look so similar, why not just include two more watches with different colored straps in the same Classic line, instead of making an entirely new line that looks almost the same?)

    One thing that confuses me is how i got 1 warranty card for 2 watches. Does that mean that the free watch has no warranty?

    Pardon the quality of the pics, it was taken with a handphone's 8MP camera and i had problems focusing it.

    Here is the watch and the free watch...

    The watch also came with this nice little Orient tag attached to the buckle, including the model name. I thought it was a nice touch, but i unfortunately had to cut it off the buckle as there was no other way to remove it.

    A closer up of the watch seems to show that the inner circle holding the Orient logo is dark violet and the outer circle holding the numerals is dark blue. I could be wrong, and at any rate its too dark to tell except during close examination. From a distance people would probably just think its a shade of dark blue or even black under poor lighting conditions.

    The numerals seem to be made of Aluminium. As you can see the complete lack of lume basically makes it impossible to tell the time under poor lighting conditions(such as with the handphone blocking most of the light), as the numerals do not stand out against the dark color of the dial. I would say the color of the numerals/indices with the dial color is a very bad choice.

    Obligatory wrist shot :

    While i was figuring out how to change the day (i was given the wrong manual that didn't include instructions for this caliber), i noticed that the day had shfited...partly. As far as i can tell the day indicator slowly progresses to the next day, so at some part of the day you are going to see the day get chopped in half. IMHO it would look a LOT better if the day simply "snapped" to the next day once it passed midnight, rather than slowly progressing to the next day while butchering the word.

    Oh and to top it off the date itself dissapears. I can't figure out why they did that.

    The strap is actually soft, and very thin. Feels fairly comfortable on my wrist, but i had serious doubts about rugged it was. I wore it for a few hours at home while using the PC and light handwashing and lo and behold...

    There are already dark markings on the underside of the strap, and the strap is now "bumpy" in several places. Dissapointed with the quality.

    The strap looks really cool though.

    And the biggest dissapointment of all...the mineral glass. I am no expert, but it looks like they really skimped on cost here. I was wearing a fashion watch with a mineral glass, but i can clearly see the difference...the fashion watch remains crystal clear under almost all conditions(and i wore it while doing some pretty dirty things), and any smudges was easily removed by wiping it off on my shirt, or with some water.

    THIS mineral glass on the other hand smudges and dirties up unbelivably easy. I am just sitting here, at home, wearing it, and the glass is so dirty already i can clearly see the smudges on it. They don't come off easily by wiping it, or with water. To get any real effect i have to use water to rinse it, then carefully wipe it off with a high quality spectacle cloth...and then it gets dirty again within a hour or two. It makes me really want to replace it with a decent sapphire crystal(wondering how much a 31mm sapphire glass + workmanship would cost me...)

    It's also pretty quiet. I can only hear it ticking if i hold it right up to my ear, which is nice. I had heard some autos were very loud with the ticking.

    Another thing i thought they could have done better is to make the case light blue. It's actually somewhat tinted light blue on the official site's photo, but the white looks kind of boring next to the strap and dial. Would have really made the watch stand out a lot more if the case was colored as well IMHO(or at least the bezel area).

    Pros : Dressy Casual watch, good looking strap, day function, quiet, low price
    Cons : Quality of strap, quality of glass, visibility of numerals,

    And then here's the surprise watch...which like most of the others, is a ladies watch and no info is available on the net based on the model number.

    Caliber : ??? Quartz
    Case/Glass : 28mm width, 35mm length stainless steel(i think), mineral glass 15mm
    Dial : White, no texturing other than some lines
    Strap : Leather with clasp(no idea how to work this one...)
    Lume : Nil, but at least the numerals stand out pretty well against the white dial
    Water resist : ???(it states Water resistant on the case back but the exact number is covered by a glossy sticker)

    The leather strap isn't the usual kind...seems to have a clasp...

    Which i am now unable to detach. Whoops. Any ideas on this one? I am unable to push the little round knob out of the hole, and i am afraid of using too much force or i will tear the leather....

    Incidentally the genuine leather feels more like hard foam to me...and to be honest i am at a loss of how this watch is valued at $100-300. Looks more like the sub $50 watches sold at shopping center stalls to me...

    Pros : It's free
    Cons : Pretty much everthing else...
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    Re: Orient CEV0E001B "Leather Classic" + LSZAS001W0 review

    After about 1 week of wearing it the watch seems to have gained abotu 20+ seconds.

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