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    Picture Orient CFM00001B Review

    Orient Black Automatic Power Reserve Dive Watch

    I am no watch expert but I am a watch lover and I noticed there are no Orient reviews posted here; this is my first review so comments are appreciated :thanks.

    After living with this Orient for a couple weeks here are some impressions from the field.

    Basic Stats:
    21 jewel Japan automatic, Orient (ID on Rotor) 46U40.
    Power reserve indicator, 40 hours, orange and a dab of lume.
    Date sub dial w/ pointer – orange no lume.
    Luminous silver hands and numbers; seconds hand orange with a dab of lume.
    One-way rotating dive bezel and tachymeter scale.
    Screw down crown.
    Front mineral crystal, flat, and exhibition back.
    Case is stainless steel, polished.
    Pretty big watch - about 43mm.
    Stainless steel, deployant type closure w/pushbutton release, 22mm.

    First Impressions:
    Sporty chunky look - in overall size and heft this watch feels very similar to my BFK – IOW a pretty solid chunk of steel. It seems reasonably well built so far. Finishing and attention to detail is pretty good. Dial, markers, and hands are all very nice, very easy to read, bezel clicks nicely, one way. On the watch backside, the visible portions of the movement such as rotor and bridge have basic finishing, and there is an Orient logo on the rotor. The -2B version has an orange bezel insert and looks very nice too.

    Biggest Surprise: Accuracy. I am floored. After 2 weeks, it is within a second or two a day, if that. It does not seem to gain or lose whether being worn or not. It is more accurate than any of my Oris, Omega, and Seiko mechanicals. While it does not officially hack, I was able to back-hack it (stop it with careful manipulation of the hands) for synching.

    Dive Watch? At least one web site refers to it as a 100m dive watch, and it does have a screw down crown, but the there is no dive extension and I don't think the lume and bezel would be extra - visible under lo-light conditions. So perhaps better suited for general wear, desk-diving, beach and swimming.

    General Comments: I am aware that long term, due to the crystal and bezel construction that this watch will probably not be as durable as a more expensive watch. But it is very attractive and many people do not even know what an Orient is or where it fits in the pecking order. So I have no problem with it, especially because it works well, and I wear a G-Shock when doing dirty work anyway.

    • Time at a glance, date you have to look a little harder, but after a day or so you are used to it.
    • Crown functions fine – feels right - date is easy to set.
    • The double-locking band is attractive, substantial, and I was able to adjust it to a nice fit with no hassles. It is not of the same quality as my BFK, but it does not rattle and rides nicely. It does have a potential flaw. On the clasp, where the arrow in the picture points, it is “wobbly” - like the pin is loose or poorly fitted. Because of this it is easy to get the clasp mis-aligned when fastening it – and then it jams. The only way to get it all loose then is to pull the links out of one side. It has happened to me twice and now I am very methodical about it. Maybe this is just my example - I have not handled another. But other than that I like the band.
    • Lume - not a Seiko diver that's for sure. After a light charge, all the indicators and numbers on the dial light up brightly, but they quickly fade within minutes except for the hour and minute hands. Those hands are good for 8 hours or so – so for telling time the lume is adequate but nothing special.
    • The power reserve indicator is just way cool. All mechanicals could use it, IMHO. Now that I have one watch with it I will miss it on my others. It seems spot on too.
    • Movement builds reserve rapidly so winding function appears efficient. It takes about 2 days to fully wind it just by wearing it. After it is fully wound and sits for 8 hours overnight, by noontime it is fully wound again. This is just with normal walking around and desk work. I was not aware of the rotor either – it is quiet and does not spin like my Omega.
    • Watch feels great on the wrist.
      Summary: For the bucks it just a super watch and is fast becoming a favorite.
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    Re: Orient CFM00001B Review

    Hello JRoss,

    Thanks for your time and effort with this nice review. Your right about the accuracy of Orient; this model among others... it's just awesome! I own several automatic Orient watches (Pepsi Mako, Black Sub, etc...) and they tend to keep very good time; much better than some of my more expensive Swiss timepieces.

    Thanks once again! :thanks


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    Re: Orient CFM00001B Review

    Nice review! I just stumbled into the review section after googling the model#. Very helpful, thanks!


    Daniel Z.

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    Re: Orient CFM00001B Review

    Aloo brother watch love . I have this Orient model and i have mistake, why after i put this watch for a view hours alway lost many seconds?? its not normally. i get it 3 days a go.Is it okay for swimming??is this product pure to assemble and parts original from Japan?? thanks a lot for ur attentions
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    Re: Orient CFM00001B Review

    This is a gorgeous timepiece! I just ordered a new one with the black bezel today for only $169 (Deal of the day) straight from Orient Watch USA:


    I have been eying this model for quite some time and for 54% off today (MSRP $365) i just had to have it.

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