Orient Milleniun. Watch review and regulation
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Thread: Orient Milleniun. Watch review and regulation

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    Orient Milleniun. Watch review and regulation

    Hi all,

    As a big Orient collector I wanted to tell you some things about my recent purchase of the Orient Millenium

    I am fairly sure ( though,not positive) it is the same as the old Orient Senator, now renamed Vintage (which I also have). It seems they rotated the movement to have the crown at the 4 O'clock position instead of three and moved the date window to 9 o'clock. In addition it does not have an display back. It cost $155 through a second party dealer at Amazon via a second party seller, and far less than ORIENTUSA. Current price at Amazon is $227.

    The following is a review I posted at Amazon. Though the watch has some drawbacks, the crux of the review centers on opening and regulating the watch.

    ================================================== ================================================== ===============

    The review:

    Orient Men's CFD0E001W Millenium 40-Hour Power Reserve Indicator Watch

    First let me say that that I am a big fan of Orient watches and with the Millennium I now have 26 Orients.

    I have collected Orients ranging from the more expensive Orient Star models to the very cheap Orient Orient Men's CEM5J005D Automatic Day and Date Blue Stainless Steel Watch. Overall I have been extremely satisfied in what I have purchased. I am a devotee of mechanical watches and find that Orient offers a good quality, rugged mechanical watch at a very affordable price, far below entry Swiss made mechanicals.

    Two other reviews have given it 5 stars, but as an Orient collector I wanted to give it 3.5, but as this was not possible I have given it 4, which is somewhat generous. I have to state first that I purchased this watch via Amazon Prime selling for $155 by Discount Watch Store, which was much cheaper than the current $227 currently from Amazon. At this price I felt it was a great bargain. I'll start the review with the bracelet.

    First let me say that in most of their mid range watches, Orient metal bracelets are not the best. While most of the links are solid with typical push out pins the case connecting links are fold over SS steel plate (not solid) over the spring pins. I have found that this leads to a annoying clinking sound when you wear the watch and move your wrist as the the link flops around. The band does offer plenty to fit a large wrist and I removed 4 links to fit it to my 6.5 inch wrist. Compared to it's sister the Orient Men's FFD0F001W Vintage Power Reserve Meter Watch (at $354) the only difference is the higher quality deployant clasp of the latter.

    Going on to the case, as with most Orients, this is of a very good quality. Very heavy and substantial but lacking shoulders to protect the crown. Note that the movement has been rotated at about 30 deg. to put the crown at the 4 o'clock position and the date has been moved to the 9 0'clock position. This is something Orient does allot to re-market the same movement (in this case the more expensive "Vintage") as the Millennium has no sapphire crystal or display back and a somewhat cheaper bracelet.
    The case is exactly the same as the "Vintage" the only difference being the Vintage is brushed. As far as dials go the Millennium is also less ornate as compared to the vintage.

    Time keeping and movement.

    I test ran my Millennium for about 28 days under different conditions, i.e. in a watch winder, wearing it (shoveling snow, cleaning the yard) crown up crown down, 12 up 6 up and it delivered an average of -12 sec. per day. This was my biggest disappointment with the watch. Having so many Orients it didn't even compare to the cheap CEM5J005D, which delivers +/- 4 sec. Orient guarantees +25 to -15 so this was very near the limit. Of all things I am very anal about a watch keeping good time, so I decided to open it and regulate it. Having been a collector of vintage pocket watches I have a bit of experience working on watches and regulating them. All watches have a regulator over the hair spring to adjust the timing either fast or slow, The big problem is to be the case back off without scratching it. I covered the case back with four ply of plastic Saran wrap and opened it with a two pronged center scrw case tool. Using a tooth pick I adjusted the regulator and have now gotten the average rate to about +/- 1 sec. So now I am very happy with it.

    I have included pictures of the watch and also pictures of the regulator for those who want to get better timing. I should also mention that I have an inexpensive entry watch timer that allows you to check the timing on any watch.

    Overall I think this is a very good value watch and houses the same movement as the much more expensive "Vintage". From my experience with Orients, by and large they come from the factory as very accurate. The Millennium was the first poor one and some may say even -12 sec. per day is good.

    Update 1/14/13:

    After regulating the watch I have found it keeping extremely good time, about +1 to +1.5 sec per day. I have been keeping in a watch winder and a few days ago I removed it to compare the time against the online atomic clock. Taking it out of the winder it slipped and dropped on a hard Pergo floor! In spite of this, 5 days later it has still kept it's +1.5 error. I think this says something about the robustness of the Orient made movements!

    Update 1/18/13

    Watch has been keeping an error of -.65 sec. per day placed in a winder. I have increased the rating to 5 stars. Please keep in mind that I regulated the watch. Four days after dropping it it still keeps fantastic time.

    Update 1/23/13

    Taking the "Millenium" out of the winder and wearing it for 24 hrs. per day since then the average has been -0.54. I don't think you could ask more from a mechanical auto-wind.

    ================================================== ================================================== =========================
    From the above review (and after viewing the movement and case) I felt I got a decent price at $155. The current at Amazon of $227 and at Orient USA at $248.55 seems over priced.

    The review really centers on regulating the watch, which is not that hard to do. The most difficult part is getting the back off, It is extremely tight! I practiced on a a cheap Chinese lucien Piccard and managed to gouge the case back, but it now runs at less than +3s per day. To do the job you have to immobilize the case in a movement holder and apply steady pressure. You can't rush it or you can slip and damage the back. The second tool to have is a cheap watch timer. You can do the timing over a period of a week, but the tiny adjustments to the regulator and using a timer makes it just a few minutes.

    It took a bit of time and risk. But I am now extremely happy with the "Millenium". I'm going to attempt a Swiss Legend next then move on to the "Vintage/Senator".

    Here are some pictures. Two comparing the "Vintage" to the "Millenium".

    First pic. is of the regulator. The tiniest move can make a big change! I use a notched out tooth pick and just brush it to one or the other side. This is where a timer becomes valuable. Instead of waiting a day or so you can find the error in a few seconds. 2nd pic is of the relatively plain movement. 3rd is the "Vintage to the left and "Millennium" to the right. 4th is the same viewing the case backs. 5th is another close up of the "Millennium's" movement.

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    One other thing I'd like to note.f you look closely at picture #1 you can see the case screw a bit gouged. I'm now thinking I got a returned watch, which accounts for the price. Still, at least I was able to get it running well.
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    Re: Orient Milleniun. Watch review and regulation

    Sorry to bring up an old thread here... But my relatively newly bought OS300 seems to run -10 to -15 per day when worn 24/7. Upon some testing, with bezel up will lose 30 seconds per day, with bezel down, will keep perfect time. The variance due to positioning seems awfully significant. As this is a relatively pricey Saturation Diver I've already determined I should send it to Orient USA for correcting vs. attempting myself. Is this a warranty type item or simply a regulation needed? How hard should I be pushing Orient to fix it under warranty?

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    Re: Orient Milleniun. Watch review and regulation


    I haven't visited my review page in a long time, so sorry for a late reply. The Orient usual guarantee is +25 to -15, so yours is way out of range. Typically Orients deliver a much better rate, even the cheap autos. For such an expensive watch the variation in position error is totally unacceptable! I have about 38 Orients now and none are as expensive as yours but all keep better time. FYI I no longer buy from OWUSA as prices tend to be higher and service isn't that great. Did you buy it from OWUSA? If so you should push hard for getting it fixed. If you have no satisfaction contact Orient Watch customer service Japan. I had an issue with a DOA mu8li-dial watch bought from OWUSA, after weeks and finally got in contact with Japan, which contacted OWUSA and I had a new replacement sent to me. Please let me know how you made out.


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