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    Orient Racer "Rally" - CFT00003D

    See photos and a video review of the Orient Racer Rally CTF00003D here.

    The Orient Racer – Rally is not Orient’s best known or best selling watch. However, as it turns out it pleasantly surprised us with its versatility, legibility (for a semi-skeleton) and solid build quality. As soon as you put this watch on, you know it’s not a bottom of the barrel time piece. What you get is a fine watch with an accurate movement, a nicely done dial and overall good build quality. It definitely stands out among the sea of Rolex Sub knockoffs or disgusting department store specials. For its $300-400 price tag, the Orient Rally definitely deserves a second look.

    Price Points
    • Retail Price: $630
    • Online Price: $340-400
    • Used Price: $200-300

    Pros & Cons

    • Versatile and unique design
    • Scratch resistant sapphire crystal with AR coating
    • Accurate automatic movement
    • Legible dial for a skeleton watch
    • Better lume than expected from a sports watch
    • High overall fit and finish
    • Higher end band design and good feel
    • Power reserve indicator
    • Overall high end feel
    • Exhibition case-back
    • May be a bit large for some at 44mm
    • Surprising dual screw down crowns but only 100m water resistance
    • Semi-finished movement looks like an afterthought
    • Retail price is not cheap, we start to get into Steinhart quality and ETA movement territory here

    CWR Rating
    • Lume: 80/100 – surprisingly good lume for a sports watch, legible
    • Crown: 85/100 – screw down which is nice but lack feel
    • Detail: 90/100 – no flaws visible on the dial or case with the naked eye
    • Case & Manufacturing: 85/100 – seems to be quite solid
    • Strap / Bracelet: 85/100 – much better quality than cheaper Orients
    • Comfort: 85/100 – feels a little large on the wrist, but nice balance
    • Crystal: 90/100 – nice (albeit flat) sapphire crystal
    • Design: 87/100 – semi-skeleton look isn’t a novelty, but this one is at least legible
    • The it factor: 80/100 – not as special as the Mako due to the price but still fun to wear
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