Orient Star Classic SEL05005S0
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Thread: Orient Star Classic SEL05005S0

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    Orient Star Classic SEL05005S0

    I've been eyeing the Orient Star Classic for a while, especially the steel with white dial/steel hands. For some reason, I never pulled the trigger. Then I saw this one with the gold hands/markers and was instantly smitten. Loved the look and the touch of gold was just enough. I love old Omegas and Longines with gold markers, and this struck that chord, except with a power reserve and display back.

    OSC-1 by Russ, on Flickr

    So I've had this for a few days. The look certainly impresses me, and the brown/burgundy gator grain leather strap is perfect for the watch. It seems fairly well made as well, but we'll see how the finish holds up over time. Drilled lugs mean strap changes are a no-brainer, so I'm sure I'll be swapping straps often.

    The cream colored dial has a nice pearlescent finish and is concave/slightly domed, almost like a pie pan dial but more subtle. The gold markers and hands are a perfect match, and the yellow gold can seem almost rose gold depending on the lighting. 38.5mm case diameter is perfect for this style of watch.

    OSC-9 by Russ, on Flickr

    OSC-8 by Russ, on Flickr

    The crystal is highly domed, and as such, is mineral glass. This is a minor disappointment and I'd prefer acrylic (easy to polish) or sapphire (hard to scratch) over mineral glass (hard to polish, easier to scratch). But I'll take it for now. Not sure if there's AR or not (specs don't list it) but it isn't hard to view.

    OSC-6 by Russ, on Flickr

    The movement is the standard 40N52 with hacking and hand winding. It's served me well in other Orient Stars and I expect nothing different here. Decoration is what we've all seen, which I think it appropriate for this price range. Handwinding (not that it's needed) is smooth and hand adjustment is effortless. The date changes fairly quickly, though I don't think it's classified as a quick changing date. The crown is signed and large enough for winding, but not too obtrusive.

    OSC-7 by Russ, on Flickr

    OSC-4 by Russ, on Flickr

    The leather strap as mentioned matches the watch well. It's slightly matte finish helped to tone down the watch. The buckle is signed as well, but is inappropriate for this style of watch. It looks like it came off the M-Force Beast. :) Seriously, if the buckle was just rounded off instead of such a square, it would be a more elegant fit.

    OSC-2 by Russ, on Flickr

    I don't really time my watches since I rotate every day, but this seems to be running easily within the +25/-15 spec.

    Bottom line, I'd heartily recommend this for office/casual wear. Another great Orient Star piece.

    BTW, I've owned 3 Orient Stars and 4 Seiko SARx. They are equals in fit/finish and materials, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Orient Star just because of the cool complications that Seiko doesn't seem to offer at this price range, including power reserve and GMT. Both are great watches for the money. If you can, try them all. To me, this is where the gems are.

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    Re: Orient Star Classic SEL05005S0

    I could not agree more with your assessment of this gem. I am a little envious of the two tone dial you have as I picked up the steel on steel, however, all things being equal it is a tremendous watch for the money and just incredibly well put together. In addition, I will add cumulative comments to your complaints in that the buckle is a glaring flaw in my mind, too large and garish for a watch is that is so well proportioned. I just ordered a buckle from Hirsch Straps to replace mine as I thought their classic buckle would be more fitting on this watch. I can deal with the mineral glass, I would definitely prefer sapphire, but I doubt they could get the crystal made and still fit the watch at this price point. In any event, my complaints are infinitesimally small in comparison to my enjoyment of this watch and the quality of its craftsmanship!

    Great review, and great pictures, of course now I "need" a two tone ;)
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    Re: Orient Star Classic SEL05005S0

    Hi, Is that the same watch as the WZ0271EL? I think I have seen even another reference number. Is that just the different markets or is there actually a difference - in some of the pictures, this dial appears to be more beige/champagne than pictures I've seen of the WZ0271EL, which appears to have more of a (off)white face, but perhaps that's just the lighting?

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    Re: Orient Star Classic SEL05005S0

    I love mine, best deal on a watch for $300 I have ever seen

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    Re: Orient Star Classic SEL05005S0

    This is one gorgeous watch, i'm looking for one myself, but i'm concerned about the glass (it's a dome glass so probably will scratch a lot), is it scratch resistance ?

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