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    Orient Star Retro-Future WZ0111DA SUV

    Hello Everybody,

    This is my first time writing a review of a watch and trying to do a decent photo session so sorry about fingerprints, dust here and there, and if I do not focus on the things that professionals do when doing a review.

    Two days ago got this beauty from Mr. Seiya: Orient Star Retro-Future WZ0111DA SUV.
    I do not have the ‘unboxing’ among the photos, but I did get a nice box and a catalogue of Orient watches.

    Back to the watch.

    This is what official Orient page says about this model.


    o Drivetrain: Mechanical
    o Caliber: 40R55
    o Case Material: Stainless Steel
    o Surface treatment: some gray ceramic coating
    o Glass material (Table): crystal glass
    o Glass material (back): crystal glass
    o : Luminous Light Yes
    o Band Material (Surface Treatment): Stainless Steel
    o Band width: 20 mm
    o : Clasp Push three fold
    o Accuracy: +25 seconds to -15 seconds difference between the Sun
    o Waterproof: 10 ATM
    o Anti-magnetic: one
    o Driving time: 40 hours or more
    o Weight: 175g
    o Thickness: 13.6mm
    o Longitudinal diameter: 47.5 mm
    o Transverse diameter: 46.0mm
    o Other Features: Self-winding (Temaki-zuke), power reserve function, second hand stop device with, see-through back, 22 stone
    o Warranty: 2 years
    o Type: Men's
    o : Release date October 2012

    With the official part out of the way, I can start with the review.

    It is a good looking time keeping machine. It is just enough presence on the wrist but not too. I am very happy with the size of it and now I see that it is not too big as I was afraid it will look ridiculous on my wrist which rather slim one (do not know the measure in cm/inch). After knocking out one link out of the bracelet I got the feeling that it has always been on my wrist. Time to get used to a new shape and weight on the wrist = 0 sec.

    Where to start…where to start…..like a child in the candy store….

    Let’s go with the dial.
    There was no doubt that among colors for this model if I ever buy one it had to be green. Another bulls-eye from Orient! Thank you gentlemen! Even though I already have one Orient with open heart (later in the photos) I have found out that I can still admire the beauty of the movement and all the fuss that’s going on behind the face. Great stuff!
    It is my first watch with a power reserve and it is a great detail. So far I am not blown away with its function - It has been wound up to the max since I did not take it off since I got it. Maybe I will take it off tonight so it can power down a bit, or maybe not :o). It is extremely easy to read time and I like the orange tip of the second hand…it looks like a fox running circles on the grass. That’s just cool!
    I guess that the three symbols are there to have each owner individually assign them a meaning – I see them as symbols on the dashboard in the car to back up the SUV theme of the watch.

    Some photos:

    Case of the watch is something that attracted me since the first glance at the watch few months ago. Another great move from Orient! All boxy and bulky, with corners and ceramic details and bullbar (which is beyond cool) and screws all over it. It’s just a great combination of shapes and materials. Pictures will tell more:

    Wassup bro!

    Bracelet is composed of flat tiles. If you draw with your finger from the case down towards the buckle, every link feels like a separate stair with present edge. I’m not sure if I’m translating the feeling good enough. It is present, but at the same time, it is not catching or pulling sleeves. On the inside is completely smooth. Basically, it’s logical design extension of the case. Bold and flat and strong. With 20mm of solid links, I would add another mm in thickness and width, simply because the watch sits on the wrist almost 14mm.

    Lume is OK. Photos are not to be trusted in this case, camera has caught the lume being better than it actually is. We have a 3 month daughter, so enough of nocturnal activities for me to test the duration throughout the night. You can’t read a book next to it, but it’s pretty decent.

    Accuracy: I have fixed it in accordance with the watch here at WUS 31 hours ago and it has lost 11 sec since. We’ll see how it goes after if breaks in or is that process something that doesn’t take place necessarily…?

    What can I say more? I have turned the www upside down looking for a review from an actual user and not just fancy pimped photos from the sellers and was not able to find a single one. If I have read one, it would have pushed me long ago in the direction of this bad boy. But this is also good enough.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Orient Star Retro-Future WZ0111DA SUV

    Thats quite a good first review. I need to take cues from you. Also, love the use of different spaces and enviornements for your pics. Damn decent pics mate....Damn good !!
    Thats the brilliance of the forum we get to see and read un-biased reviews of watches from the owners themselves. This is my favourite part
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    Re: Orient Star Retro-Future WZ0111DA SUV

    Thanks beeman ..

    As I said at the end of the review, If I had a chance to read something like this (unbiased and 'independent') it would help me greately to make a move

    I forgot to say that crown operation is silky smooth, the second hand stops, and when you push the crown back to 'lock' position it does not move the minute hand. It used to drive me crazy when the minute hand moves as I push the crown in. Incredible easy to set the time in one shot.
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