Hello everybody,

We have prepared an overview of a new model and it is the Orient Star WZ0041JC World Time.
The watch was introduced for sale May 27, 2016 in three new models:
WZ0061JC limited edition, WZ0041JC Navy blue and WZ0051JC brown.
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The WZ0041JC model is presented with a new private box; there is space for a spare leather belt
in the box. The Navy blue model is complemented with a Navy blue color alligator leather belt
equipped with an original fastening clip.
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The beautiful Navy blue dial contains power reserve indicator, date display and separate second
hand; while the World Time zones are marked circle wise on the inner bezel.
The Navy blue dial is very beautiful with matte and beam elements.

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World Time function is implemented in a new for the Orient manner.
When changing the master time, the World Time zones shall be moving; for example, if you are
adjusting your watch one hour forward, the World Time zone ring shall move by one point.
More detailed information could be obtained from the official video release.

The new 40H60 caliber mechanisms are provided with automatic winding, second hand stop
function and 24 ruby stones. Operating time constitutes more than 40 hours.

The windshield is crystal sapphire with the brand SAR coating. Therefore, the windshield super
transparency is achieved; and it becomes practically invisible.

The back cover is screwed, transparent and manufactured of mineral glass.
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Water resistance is ensured down to 100 meters, the crown is not screwed.
Bezel width is 42 mm; case width with a crown is 46 mm; and the case thickness is 13.2 mm.
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For better readability in the dark time of day, operating time indicator, hour and minute hands, as
well as hour indicators are coated with luminophor.
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The primary bracelet and the watch case are manufactured of stainless steel.
The bracelet is glossy and matte with sharp angles.
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I hope you enjoyed the new models presented by Orient.

We are thankful to the Orient management for providing the watch for our overview.