Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review
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Thread: Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review

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    Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review

    This is a review of the Orient Symphony ER27008W automatic watch.

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    This is a nice,classic looking watch,with a white dial,arabic numerals and a date function.It's 41mm wide without crown,12mm thick,lug size is 22mm,and it's 50m water resistant.There is also an exhibition case back.Front and back crystals are mineral (not sapphire).
    The movement inside the watch is the orient cal.48743 (orient bambino models use the same).It's accuracy is very good for an automatic watch at this price.It usually runs 4-5 seconds fast per day,but you can compensate a bit with the overnight positioning,when you're not wearing the watch.Power reserve is also very satisfying.If I wear it for 3-4 hours or less with normal activity,and then take it off,it keeps ticking for more than a day.
    Rotor is a bit noisy,but it's not a problem for me to be honest.

    The styling is really nice for my tastes.The dial is pure white with nice classic arabic numerals in black.The hands are silver,dauphine style,and there is a date window next to number 3.Overall the watch is simple and beautiful,and easy to read.There is no lume,but it's not something I was looking for when I bought it.
    This is a versatile watch,because you can wear it casual or formal.Maybe the 12mm thickness is not the best for strictly formal occasions,when you need a thin dress watch to hide it under a shirt cuff,but otherwise it doesn't look very thick due to the design of the case (the case is cleverly designed so it doesn't look bad).In my opinion it's a very good choice for people who want a classic looking watch which is not too dressy-not too sporty.
    My only (minor) complaint about the design,is the following: The date window is very close to 3,and this number looks a tad smaller compared to the others.And also the fact that in some lighting conditions,hands and date window look dark,almost black,but this doesn't make the watch look less beautiful though.

    I bought it 76 euro plus 8 euro shipping,total 84 euro,from creationwatches,and I'm satisfied with this site.Watch didn't come with an original box,but the box was nice and of good quality.Overall I'm satisfied with this watch,I like it's style and it works great after these 5 months of almost everyday use.And of course it keeps great time for an affordable mechanical watch.

    Now,some pictures I've shot during the last 5 months I own this watch.The first two are with the stock dark brown glossy alligator strap,and the other with an aftermarket medium oxblood/brown alligator strap.

    I hope you'll find this review & photos interesting & helpful if you consider this watch as a future buy.
    I'm sorry for any mistakes in this review,English is not my native language.

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    Re: Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review

    Some more pictures of the watch. In my country we say that 1 picture= 1000 words :)

    All the photos in this review are photos I took with my samsung mobile phone.Photography is also one of my hobbies,so I combined 2 hobbies in 1 in this case. :)

    With stock leather strap:

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    With aftermarket brown/oxblood strap

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    Re: Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing the review and pics!
    "The stuff that dreams are made of…" - RGM ‘801 EE Motor Barrel’

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    Re: Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review

    Quote Originally Posted by mpalmer View Post
    Looks great! Thanks for sharing the review and pics!

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    Re: Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review

    Had to bump this to say great review and amazing pics! Been thinking about this one and your pics may have pushed me over the top! It's posts like yours that keep me coming back to watchuseek - thanks GNNS.
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    Re: Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review


    Great review, the photos sell the watch. It definitely was improved by the OxBlood Alligator strap!
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    Re: Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review

    Thank you guys :) I have better photos taken with my dslr,the above are from my mobile phone. I'll update this review with a nice selection of my best DSLR photos in the future :)
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    Re: Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review

    Nice review! I enjoy your photos, they are always excellent!
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    Re: Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Franz-Anton View Post
    Nice review! I enjoy your photos, they are always excellent!

    Thank you :)

    I'll add some better pics in the future,from my dslr.
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    Re: Orient Symphony FER27008W0 (ER27008W) Review

    Ok, so I've been really wanting the version 1 bambino with a white dial and silver case. But i keep seeing your pictures of this symphony and start wondering if i should try and get the symphony instead. It's all your fault, lol.
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