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    Orient Yellow Mako Video Review

    You can listen to me drone on and on about how much I love the Mako's! Sounds like a good way to waste 6 minutes of your life :)

    Before you buy it - try it on here:

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    Re: Orient Yellow Mako Video Review

    Bryan, another 5 star quality review.

    A few things.....

    The movement used in the Mako is the caliber 769. This movement dates its basic foundation all the way back to the Seiko 7005 calibers from the early 1970s. The original Seiko 7005 movements did not have the day display, only date. In the years since Orient took over the original 7005 movement, they did an "economical" modification to it and added the day display wheel right next to the date. This explains why the 769 has the often loved/hated oddball day pusher button at the 2 o'clock portion of the case. I personally love it, because it gives the watch at ton of character.

    The 769 has been Orient's workhorse movement in the past 35+ years and it is used in a number of Orient watches, from dress styles to divers and anything in between. Most other movements, like the 46U40 used in the Planet Orient are derived from the 769 in one way or another.

    The 769 is nearly 40 years old, but it works and it is solid as a bank vault!


    The yellow dialed Mako was originally introduced as an Amazon.com only edition launch watch. In the beginning, if you wanted the yellow dial version, you could only source it from Amazon and consequently, you had to pay the added price markup for the honor.

    As the Mako became more and more popular (And Amazon had a stockpile of unsold yellow dialed Makos), Orient Watch USA decided to make it available to the public (thus bringing down the price in line with the other Mako flavors) also through them and hence the reason why you got it for so cheap. Only a couple of months ago, this same exact yellow dial Mako would have set you back nearly $200 shipped to your door from Amazon!

    I love my Mako. I have had it since late March and the watch has been flawless. I have the blue dial version with bracelet. My main complaint with this watch is the super stiff bezel that is nearly useless. In all and all, and aside from the hollow end links that spoil the otherwise high quality oyster bracelet, this watch is superb for the money. The lume is 1000 times superior to other Orient's (Orient's weak link is the lume in their watches) including the hogrider (aka Big Mako) whose lume is depressingly bad for a watch with diving bragging rights.

    Nice review!

    Enjoy yours in good health.
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