Recently, I have become interested in Oris watches so I thought that I might try something novel.

This is my original Canon excellent condition but has not been out of the box for a while.

I have four lenses, these are a 100 - 200 mm, a "travel" lens which I think is 35 mm to 105 mm, standard 35 mm that came with the camera and a wide angle 28 mm, all Canon lenses no aftermarkets. A flash attachment is included and I will throw in a bunch of filters (years ago I liked to play around with black and white shots in the mountains!). I do know that each lens always has had a protective UV filter...I am even more lunatic about camera equipment than I am with when I say NOT a scratch on can bank on it.

I want to make an even trade for your Oris watch. PM me with any questions if you are interested and I will give you detailed specs regarding my camera equipment.

And yes...these lenses all set by either shutter speed or F-stop, pre EOS days so no autofocus. This is a fantastic starter camera kit for those who still appreciate what photography is and should be. You do it for the camera...the camera does not do it for you (if you get my meaning).

:thanks for looking!