Destro 300 In the house!
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Thread: Destro 300 In the house!

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    Destro 300 In the house!

    Hey guys! Long time no ping! I've been busy with life and stuff but since I got my destro 300 delivered and finally resized, I figured I'd drop you guys a post.

    After a few fits and starts around getting it destro-ized, it arrived a couple of weeks ago. I'd have to say this is my favorite MKII of all (out of Blackwater, Kingston, White+Pepsi Key West). Great balance and weight. The case and bezel are simply amazing. The dial and hands are similarly executed to perfection. It might be the one watch that can nudge the SBGE015 (uhm, yeah, I'll have a follow up post about *that* in another group ) off of my wrist. I got around to getting the bracelet resized (Thanks Toppers in Burlingame! You guys rock!) yesterday and I love this watch. Definitely a keeper.

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    I apologize for the brevity of this message and the long absence. I've been through a few job changes, moves, etc. and watchuseek never made the cut in the priority queue of life. I'm glad to see this forum is still active and a bunch of familiar names still around!
    Nomos Orion Anthracite; Destro watches: Ω "Great White" GMT, MKII Blackwater, Sinn EZM1 LE, IWC 3536-001, MKII Kingston, Precista Speedbird I, Casio MR-G120, Casio GW-5000, Sinn EZM2; Former Watches: Corvus Bradley

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    Re: Destro 300 In the house!

    Welcome back! Way to make a stunning return! Gorgeous!

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