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    Re: Tornek Rayville Please

    Quote Originally Posted by tmoris View Post
    Hey guys, hope everyone is keeping good health and enjoying their watches! :)

    I havent been around for some time and just popped in to check on TR's status. I can see on the TR page that a $450 deposit has already been collected from some and that ordering is closed at this point. Did I miss it? I have been signed up on this TR mailing list for quite a few years now and Im pretty sure I wouldnt have missed an email on the subject, unless the mailing list had been purged and a new one established.

    On the other hand by reading this thread, it appears I didnt miss anything and my above deduction is false?
    You haven't missed anything. It looks like the TR will be in Bill's RTW line, so I'm sure there won't be any deposits collected. They'll just be posted for sale on the MKII website one day, and it'll be a mad rush to try and buy one before they're all gone.
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    Re: Tornek Rayville Please

    Quote Originally Posted by Neily_San View Post
    Hi all,

    I sit here, as I write this, with a wonderful P300 ( with date ) on my wrist. I took off the metal bracelet and put it on the supplied NATO. It looks absolutely amazing. It constantly draws the eye. The clarity, crispness and precision of the dial is mesmerising. The bezel is brilliantly legible when viewed straight and reflects all sorts of fabulous colours at other angles.

    After the watch finally cleared UK Customs ( after 2 weeks ), it has not left my wrist for a week and I am a very happy man.

    Except .... I struggle to describe this ... I have a strange and tiny piece of emptiness inside. A little void where something is missing. Where something used to be. It took me some days to work out what it was ... for the first time in almost 10 years my “incoming list” is now empty. I no longer harbour that small ( often suppressed ) feeling of excitement and anticipation that the P300 has provided for so many years.

    So, as an open plea to Bill, will you please take my deposit for a Tornek Rayville. I really don’t mind how long the wait, but would prefer something a little less than 10 years

    To those who have received your P300s - enjoy them. For those still waiting - I hope it will not be much longer now.


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    Tornek Rayville Please

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