I love my 600t Professional and while I love the looks of my Divingstar 750t GMT it gets a lot less wear due to its size and weight (even on a strap). I just like the 41-42mm/11-13mm range of watches on my wrist in all but a couple instances.

With that background, I have been off and on about selling the Divingstar GMT and picking up a 1000t during the summer promotion (either another Divingstar or a Caribbean), but have been a bit concerned by the added thickness of the 1000t compared to my 600t and even the GMT, and specifically the potential that it will wobble on the wrist due to the added thickness and curved case back (the wobble is a big pet peeze on mine and a reason I sold an SD and may ultimately sell a second PO I have in hand).

I have read a bunch of reviews and plugs, etc... for the 1000t and everything about it looks great, but for the concern about the thickness issue. I wanted to see what people with the 600t, 1000t and/or GMT (or even an SD or PO) thought about the extra thickness and its "fit" on the wrist against the other Doxa's, especially on a rubber strap or Nato. I would love to say that I will hold out for a 600t Divingstar to come up FSOT on the forum, but they are obviously few and far between and when push comes to shove the idea of buying new direct from Doxa at these prices makes a lot more sense to me than picking up another circa 2005/2006 watch.

Oh yea, and any thoughts on Divingstar vs. Caribbean could not hurt!

Thanks in advance for any insights!