1000T Pro owners, question about hands.

Thread: 1000T Pro owners, question about hands.

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    1000T Pro owners, question about hands.

    The other day I noticed that the hands(minute, hour, and second) on my 1000T Pro seem to only be painted on the top surface. Looking at the hands from the side and at an angle, the thin sides of my hands are inconsistant in color. Some areas are white, some areas look gold colored, kind of the same color as the stem that the hands are attached to. Three sides of the luminous square on the second hand is all white.

    The hands on my 600T do not have these differing colors and are all uniformly black and the black paint on the top of the hands looks almost rounded, as if the whole hands were dipped in black paint, while the 1000T hands look like they only got a light coat of paint on the top side and overspray on some of the sides.

    What do your hands look like? How do they compare to your 600T or 750T Pro's for those who own these? I'm just curious.


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    Re: 1000T Pro owners, question about hands.

    Not sure, I look at my watch dial close enough to tell the time, that's about it.


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