1200T DWL vs 1200T DWL dial

Thread: 1200T DWL vs 1200T DWL dial

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    1200T DWL vs 1200T DWL dial

    on the Doxa website it shows the dial having the micro second markers

    on various posts showing the watch that was produced/delivered, there are no micro second markers.

    was this micro second model a prototype for the Doxa website photoshoot? or do some have this dial?

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    Re: 1200T DWL vs 1200T DWL dial

    must be a prototype pic or a photoshop.
    Mine and others don't have the micro seconds
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    Re: 1200T DWL vs 1200T DWL dial

    No tics here either, and I'm sure that is simply a mock up Photoshop from a 1000T before the actual dials were done (can't fathom multiple batches for a 99 watch run).

    Still, if you're buying one, double check it with Sales when you order (surprises on a 4 figure watch are generally not a welcome thing!).
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    Re: 1200T DWL vs 1200T DWL dial

    No tics on mine either, I'm 99.9% sure none of them have tics. I google image searched "ticks" to put up a photo of the little bugs as a joke, but all the photos creeped me out so much, I just can't do it. Geez, they're disgusting little things, those ticks! I'm glad my watch doesn't have them either!

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    Re: 1200T DWL vs 1200T DWL dial


    There should be no ticks on a DWL SUB 1200T. The image is a photoshop job. I would expect whoever made the page up just used the wrong file and they will replace it with the right one.


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    Re: 1200T DWL vs 1200T DWL dial

    Looks to be corrected now......Mine doesn't have ticks either but it did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
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