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    1200T, Loosing time, over time

    Love my Doxa, and waited many years before I could buy it. The first 15 years of my big boy watch ownership, I wanted the orange face so much that I bought a Seiko Orange Monster, an automatic watch that served me well until I could finally buy the Doxa.

    The first 9 months, the Doxa kept incredible time, loosing 1-2 minutes over the course of a week,then it gradually grew worse, to the point I was loosing 20 minutes a day, and it would sometimes stop at night. Doxa support had me allow the watch to wind down completely, then wind it completely (I believe 30 windings). I was also instructed to give it 10ish windings once a month in addition to normal wear. This is a daily wear watch. After going through the process, things were much better, loosing a minute or 2 each day, slowly worsening over a period of months.

    Now, about every 8 months, I allow it to run down completely, wind it 30 times, then set the time forward 5-7ish minutes once a week

    Is this normal?? What are you, the community, seeing as part of your normal operational cycle??

    Thanks in Advance. Love my Doxa, but hate the fact that my Seiko keeps much better time as far as being a trusted timepiece.

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    Re: 1200T, Loosing time, over time

    That’s ridiculous timekeeping. Even the 2 minutes a week you where satisfied with is quite bad. Sounds like it needs a doctors appointment

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