1500t size on paper vs real world
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Thread: 1500t size on paper vs real world

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    1500t size on paper vs real world

    the 1500t is one I can't shake from my short list for my next purchase. My question for you guys, I have become accustomed to 45mm cases, 24mm bracelets and weights pushing or exceeding half a pound. I have a big, flat wrist, and 42mm watches look small. I have a Crepas Cayman at 43mm, and it's the smallest I'd go, and even then only because I love everything about that watch.

    If the 1500t wins out and I order one, am I going to be surprised once I get it on my wrist? I keep reading instances where owners state that the Doxas wear much smaller than their measurements. If any of you have any 44-45mm tool divers and a big Doxa too, please share your thoughts. Thanks

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    Re: 1500t size on paper vs real world

    I have a big wrist too (20 cm). I owned a 4000T and it was perfect for my wrist. The 1500T uses the 5000T case that is a little bit smaller than the 4000T but I am sure that it will look nice too.

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    Re: 1500t size on paper vs real world

    My 1500 Professional fits and wears well on my 7" wrist. I wore a Seiko SKX 173 for 20 years, and I really don't, like you, want to go smaller than the 1500. I want a Sharkhunter, But really don't know if I CAN ADJUST DOWN to a 1200 size. I looked at some 42mm Omega's recently, and even the Rolex Deep Sea look and feel small by comparison. I would LOVE a 1500 Sharkie! The 800ti's flat crystal is not appealing. I guess I have to wait. In this case, size does matter!
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    Re: 1500t size on paper vs real world

    It certainly is a big watch. I've just received my 1500T PAII, and I'm a little worried that it's too big on my wrist. I'm about a 6.5 inch wrist, but I like to wear big watches loose lower on my wrist, so it won't bother me much. Here's a pic;
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    Edit: I've just put up a new thread with some first impressions:
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    Re: 1500t size on paper vs real world

    I have both the 1500T & the 750T they both were great on my 7 inch wrist. I like the 4000T also if you like larger dial size and great size presence. You will want a 4000T someday.

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    Re: 1500t size on paper vs real world

    I have an 8" wrist and two 1500T SUBs. They don't wear large on me and I think they're about perfect. Photographs can be misleading though based on the distance the photo is taken from the watch. Both of these photos are 1500Ts. The first one looks large because I took the photo so close to the watch. The 2nd looks to fit better and is how it really appears when wearing it. Good luck with your decision. I love both of these SUBs.

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    Re: 1500t size on paper vs real world

    PA2 on a 6.75in wrist seems fine

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