1972...sort of.
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Thread: 1972...sort of.

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    1972...sort of.

    Having been born in '72, and growing up in the summers of the Florida panhandle during the late '70s/early '80s, I was fascinated by the equipment the dive shops stocked...the shops, where I used to hang around, dreaming of the day I was old enough to dive. Those were the golden ages of scuba, and those memories were partly what drew me to DOXA...that good vintage vibe that carries on 'till today.

    Well...those memories never left, and to take my love of vintage, and vintage styled dive watches to the next level, I decided to delve into some of the gear that I remembered from those early days in Florida. eBay called, so I secured a '72 vintage US Divers Aquamaster regulator which happened to run along the same timeline as the DOXA Sub, which graced those same pages of the US Divers catalog.

    Once I had the reg in hand, I sent it off to Bryan Pennington of Vintage Double Hose, to give it a full restoration and upgrade with his Phoenix 1st stage. It took a week or so, but once it was back, I had to give it a run. Now here in the south, it still gets cold in the winter, but not so cold that I couldn't make a pool dive with my newly restored reg. How did it dive? Better than I ever expected, so I'll let the pics tell
    the rest.

    Here's my reg...
    Name:  IMG_3943.JPG
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    Here it is in the '72 US Divers catalog...
    Name:  IMG_3995.JPG
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    Along with the DOXA Subs...
    Name:  IMG_3996.JPG
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    For the dive, I pulled my 750T COSC Divingstar out of the safe...
    Name:  IMG_3910.JPG
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    And strapped it on for the dive.
    Name:  IMG_3920.JPG
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    The real test will be in the Carribbean next month, but until then...I'll leave you with a cool underwater shot from that same 1972 US Divers catalog. Lots of grooviness to go around.

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    Re: 1972...sort of.

    Love it! Wear it well, my man!
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    Re: 1972...sort of.

    Vintage!!! Love it!

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    Re: 1972...sort of.

    Great!!! I am also from the 72 ... and I also like yellow

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    Re: 1972...sort of.

    I'd like to go back to the start as a 72 production!! Great looking reg and got to love that yellow Pearler....Dave

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    Re: 1972...sort of.

    Year of birth 1972, checking in.

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    Super cool! Great memories!

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    1972...sort of.

    What a throw back thread! I am too a vintage dive enthusiast, I ran into Spinnaker Watches, (ADMIN EDIT: NO - YOU ARE THE MARKETING DEPARTMENT FOR SPINNAKER WATCHES!!!!) they had a few tribute pieces to Cahill , Dumas, Edward Lee Spence, all some of the Diving greats!
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    Re: 1972...sort of.

    I so dig your appreciation of vintage! I'll blame watching Jacques Cousteau for planting my own seed of fascination.

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    I'm a '74...close. I actually hope that my US Divers Sharkhunter actually dates from my birth year. Be cool to actually know.

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    Before I forget, that catalogue is seriously BOSS! Enjoy your equipment in the Caribbean!
    Omar Montaño

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