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    5000 vs 800

    As most can see from my sig line, I am Doxaless, I sold my last two Doxa's to fund my SeaDweller...

    However, as I knew would happen, I am in withdrawal... I NEED ORANGE

    I have had the following:
    750T Pro
    750T Carib
    750T Shark COSC
    750T Shark
    750T Mil Shark
    5000 Pro

    Of them all, I liked the 5K best... for any that have or had both, and you could only keep one, would it be the 5K or the 800?

    I am going to get one shortly, just trying to decide, I like the tubes like on my Ball, and the bracelet (ala 5K) that they did for the 800, but again, something about that 5K...

    Just curious and thanks in advance!
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    Re: 5000 vs 800

    I vote for the 5000, but that might be because I have one. I prefer the domed crystal and the added thickness of the watch. I also prefer the raised indices on the 5000 over the painted ones with tubes (which I don't like at all).

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    Re: 5000 vs 800

    5000t for me
    2892 movement
    Nuclear lume
    One of the best bracelets around-I know 800Ti also has it
    -Side note the ratcheting clasp is genius
    Heavy weight and thickness
    Cold Steel
    Domed Crystal

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    Re: 5000 vs 800

    Sounds like you really need the 800ti!
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    Re: 5000 vs 800

    As much as I LOVE my 800Ti, I miss the Heft (weight) and DIAL size of the 5000T. I'd vote for the 5000T with Lume Tubes.


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    Re: 5000 vs 800

    Don't forget the orange minute hand of the 800 sharkie. Oh yeah and the double tubes on that minute hand just gives it that wow factor.

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    Re: 5000 vs 800

    Deciding factors (for orange dial):

    Metal: SS vs Ti (the 800 is definitely grayer than the 5000T, while not being the typical Ti gray)

    Crystal: Domed vs. flat. The 800's flat crystal has much less distortion when viewing time from an angle.

    Weight: 5000T is noticeably heavier than the 800. I forget that the 800 is there, but I DO like the heft of the 5000T.

    Versatility: The 5000T is the dressier-looking of the two, while the 800 is more of the tool-looking diver. (I say "looking" because the HRV on 5000T admitted makes it a great tool diver). If you want flash, get the 5000T. If you want something more subdued, get the 800T.

    You are facing a tough decision my friend! I am facing the same over which to keep: 5000T Sharkie or 800T Sharkie.

    Please tell us what you decide about the Pro!


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    Re: 5000 vs 800

    I think between the two watches, the main differences are the type of lume and the weight. I prefer heavier watches so my vote goes to the 5k. Wait, I guess that would be *your former* 5k, which we traded for!

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    Re: 5000 vs 800

    Tough decision mate

    I LOVE tritium tubes so the 800 gets my vote there.....

    but..... I also really like the weight of a SS watch as opposed to Ti.....

    If I had to pick one, I think the 5000 would be the one I'd go for.

    I think it has a bit more 'presence' than the 800 and if you're missing that one more than the collection of 750's you've had previously then that should be the one you go for......

    Good luck!

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    Re: 5000 vs 800

    The 5000T!!!!!!!!!!
    There is something about this watch that makes it what I think the best Doxa ever

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