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    ADVICE: 750 Professional

    I own a 750 Professional. Beautiful watch. I've owned it now for about ten months. It is brand new in the tube, unsized and never worn. It was still in that new condition when I started to hear about the 1000 coming on board, so I left my 750 in that condition thinking that I might want to trade it out for a 1000. But what would be the chances of that coming along - someone wanting to trade a never touched 750 for a 1000 in the same condition. I've been wearing my orange monster now instead. For sure I've wanted to wear that 750 beauty now for a long time, and I guess that brings me to my question: if I were to sell this in its above stated condition, would forum buyers be willing to pay more for this watch than if it were worn for a bit with its inevitable ensuing marks and slight scratches? Or do most watch people really see no big difference if the marks are light and the wearing not long?

    Do any of you feel that a watch like my above 750 in its described condition if kept for a while could be worth a bit someday?

    And lastly, if I were to sell this watch out right, what would you suggest a reasonable price tag on it would be?

    Thanks guys, and I look forward to hearing from anyone on the above.


    oh, and by the way, if I could swing it, I'd own both. Thanks.

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    Re: ADVICE: 750 Professional

    As long as they are still vailable from DOXA, the price for yours would be slightly less. Once these are sold out, I would say you could get what you paid or a little more depending on demand. As time goes on, hopefullly the price would go up but you have to sk yourself if you had $1500-2000 to invest what would it be worth in ten years? If this is your intention, sell it now and make a monetary investment that will really grow.

    Obviously, if not worn, keep the plastic on the bracelet and case.

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