Am I wrong? possible Doxa frankenwatch on eBay...

Thread: Am I wrong? possible Doxa frankenwatch on eBay...

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    Am I wrong? possible Doxa frankenwatch on eBay...

    Just wanted to get an opinion from those who know more than me as I've been looking at adding a Doxa back to my collection. I was looking on eBay and came across a 750t military edition with an orange dial with the serial# of 1072/5000, it also is supposedly a COSC certified version and he has the certificate as such. While doing research, I noticed that the warranty card lists it as a Sharkhunter with no mention of the COSC(owned a Doxa COSC previously, and it was listed on the warranty card as a COSC). I also discovered a page that states that there were only 20 750t military professionals made, with the serial numbers between 1131-1150.

    Not linking to the sale as it is easy to find, and I don't want to risk breaking any rules. Am I correct in thinking this a frankenwatch or is it a bunch of odd errors, and/or bad information on my part. I have sent the seller a message letting him know I'm no longer interested after talking to him over the phone, and letting him know of my suspicions. The eBay page doesn't mention anything about it possibly being a frankenwatch, and I can't seem to dig up any information about the history of that particular watch.

    Anyone have any input?
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    Re: Am I wrong? possible Doxa frankenwatch on eBay...


    I read in other thread that is usual to change the dial in Doxa military model putting a 750t Orange professional.

    I can't remember exactly the details and where I read, but people do that because the military model is short supply with orange dial.
    Is the way to have an military case with orange dial.

    ... Or something like that.. I'm not sure, can't find or remember exactly that..

    Maybe someone can help with this or you could look for it..

    Good luck, greetings.

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    Re: Am I wrong? possible Doxa frankenwatch on eBay...

    Hi Czechsaint,

    It's definitively a frankenwatch. I also looked at the same listing you are referring to. If you noticed the pics on the listing, in the the COSC certificate, the Serial # of the case/watch listed on the certificate does not match the DOXA # on the warranty card (1072/5000). What you have there is a 750t COSC dial in a 750T Mil Sharkie.



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    Re: Am I wrong? possible Doxa frankenwatch on eBay...

    Yes, it's absolutely Franken. DOXA never made a COSC Mil-pro.
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