Another "Searambler Arrives" Post

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    Another "Searambler Arrives" Post

    Hey, Guys...I'm in! Searambler just touched down this morning - thanks Andy and Jim!! Some initial impressions:

    1. Love the cool "bottle" packaging - does a nice job protecting
    the watch, too.

    2. And speaking of took about 5 min. to get the tape off
    the bracelet. Nice.

    3. I was somewhat concerned about the size being
    overbearing/awkward, but am presently surprised at how well it
    works (wrist just under 7 1/2).

    4. The orange minute hand really pops...makes the watch IMO.

    5. Long bracelet! Three links and two buckle holes later, and I still have
    some comfort slack.

    6. I was impressed with how smoothly the crown screws down...nice
    feel, no "notchiness," etc.

    7. I think a T-Graph Searambler would be awesome.

    And now I'll refer you to the other post with this title for some outstanding pics I could not possibly match.

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    Re: Another "Searambler Arrives" Post

    Congrats and thanks for the pic compliments!

    Everything you say is true of the Searambler.


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