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    Article about Doxa's

    Nice article about Doxa's produced

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    Re: Article about Doxa's

    Great article! Thanks for the tip.
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    Re: Article about Doxa's

    Quote Originally Posted by SurferD View Post
    Great article! Thanks for the tip.
    I only skimmed it, but there is one notable inaccuracy in the article. DOXA didn't cease to produce watches for 20 years. We know the last quartz Sub was produced in the early '90s, maybe around 1993. In the latest DOXA book that was released at Basel last year, it states that notable changes were made to the Graphic in 1995, which can only mean it was still in production. In 1997 the Jennys purchased DOXA, and in 2002 the Sub 300T was released. So if there was any time period that production was halted, it likely wasn't longer than 4 or 5 years.
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    Re: Article about Doxa's

    nice summary

    Best Regards
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