Aware or Tusa?

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    Aware or Tusa?

    Both very good looking dials...both have nice unique associations with the diving world...Have the admit the orange Aware is very tempting...which do you like more?

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    Re: Aware or Tusa?

    I must say that I was surprised by the TUSA. I guess I assumed that it would be a 1000T Caribbean with the orange minute hand like the 750T version (which I prefer).
    The dial color however is darker and has a matte finish. Now, I think it is the most visually stunning of all. Depending on the lighting and angle it appears almost black, blue and even a bit purple on occasion.
    I also love the logo.
    If I didn't already have a 1000T Pro, I would have purchased the Aware as well. Having to pick one, it would be the TUSA.

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    Re: Aware or Tusa?

    I like more the Aware,because is orange....

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