Back in the day when I was one of the few (lucky) folks to get my hands on a 300 re-issue, nobody noticed. I work at an investment bank and have only seen one other DOXA in all my yearrs (11+) here which was a 5000T earlier this year. Being Friday, my IWC's were in the box, and since we're casual Friday, I HAD to sport my DOXA.

Last month, I had the pleasure of trading in one of my Sinn's for a DOXA 800Ti's and today one of my peers, who happens to be a WIS asked me if that was a "Real" Doxa!

He actually tried to inform me of the history of DOXA and the brand and how it was reintroduced, etc. And I was like, "uhh, yes I know...". So I let him check out my 800Ti and he was amazed at the weight, and was really digging the Tritium tubes, stating that tubes are nicer than the tritium based paint, since they dont require charging. Being polite and not saying, "duhh", we moved onto IWC chatter - we both own Portuguese - mine being a 3714 and 3717, and his being the 5001 7 day. But before ending the conversation, I had to point out that the 800 was created with the input of hundreds of doxa-holics with the best of everything DOXA had to offer (5000 case, tritium, etc).

Anyways, I pointed him to this forum and hopefully he'll be placing an order for a 5000T or an 800Ti shortly through WUS.

For you 800Ti owners out there, you really have something special on your wrist. I love my Doxa, and love even more explaining why theyre so special.

Enjoy your weekend!