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    buying doxa 1200T sharkhunter

    Dear All!

    I am a new member from Europe/Hungary. In a few days I plan to buy an used one doxa 1200T from a hungarian seller.
    Here is the link if anybody wants to see the watch : DOXA SUB 1200T Sharkhunter -

    The number of the watch is 0003/1200, but NO CARD or REGISTERED PAPER included :(

    Any tips or advice what shall I do? Price is about 1300 USD.

    This would be my first DOXA SUB, and I need some help what I have to watch when I am buying. My worry it is a replica, because no card including.

    Thanks if anybody help me!

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    Re: buying doxa 1200T sharkhunter

    Welcome to the Doxa forum! While I really like the Doxa Sharkhunter and would like to have one in my collection I would be very careful in buying a used one with no card and no papers from an unknown seller. It may be a genuine Sharkhunter and it may be a replica one, I don't know. All I'm saying is that I would be careful in buying the watch. Good luck! Bill P.

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    Re: buying doxa 1200T sharkhunter

    Like Bill said, always be careful, but the watch in the photo is genuine. As of now, there are no known replica reissue Subs, of any model number. Also, there are no papers for a 1200T Sharkhunter, only the credit card style warranty card, which fits in the packaging tube. If there's no tube, then it's not surprising that there's no card, as they likely would have been lost together. Welcome to the forum, and let us know what you decide.
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