The first Clive Cussler Collectors Society Cussler Convention (CusslerCon) took place in October of 2005 outside Denver. The highlights were a tour of CCCS President Wayne Valero's personal collection of rare Cussler books and memorabilia, a tour of Cussler's stunning automobile collection given by Cussler himself, and a banquet dinner (which Cussler arrived at driving one of his classic cars) followed by a book signing by Cussler.

As each CusslerCon took place each year, more and more Cussler fans began to attend wearing their Doxa SUB watches. Doc Pete has made a couple CusslerCons and he's even given presentations on Doxa as well.

There was a great group photo taken that included Cussler and everyone at the gathering wearing their Doxa dive watches.

For those of you who are not big Cussler fans and are now members of the CCCS, I just thought Doxa deserves some credit for their generosity at this month's CusslerCon. Another group photo will be taken and the names of the participants will be given to Doxa. Doxa has then promised to send a Doxa rubber strap to each attendee in the photo who wore their Doxa.

Cheers to Doxa! Well done!