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    Question Code Orange! T-Graph200 is down

    Hello Gents,

    So one of my projects has come to a schreeching halt. Our old friend the T-Graph200 fell on some bad times (lack of service) from the previous owner(s) and was sent off the the Doxa 'Spa' to get all fixed up. All was going well on the repairs until a missing tooth was discovered.

    So I ask you, in the name of all things good and Orange dialed, does anybody have access to a Doxa Cal. 287 (aka Eberhard 310-82) setting wheel or intermediate setting wheel? A parts movement might do as well.

    Thanks for looking!


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    Re: Code Orange! T-Graph200 is down

    Moderator note: Normally, a WTB is not permitted on the general Fora, however due to the extreme rare nature of this watch and it's historical importance (IMHO), I think we'll leave this one.

    Suggestion to the OP, I'd also place a WTB thread, and check eBay and the like.

    I might also PM one of the Vintage and Pocket Watch Mods to ask if they might steer you to a source for a part.
    Regards, T Bone.

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    Re: Code Orange! T-Graph200 is down

    Thanks for the leniency T-Bone. I didn't want to post out of norms but there are so few playing in the rare bunch that I'd hoped to find a saviour. I have some feelers out there (with great thanks Granite Bay for his generous contacts) but no solutions yet. This movement has proven to be an elusive beast on ebay and the like. I'd love to get this early chrono back to the land of living so your tolerance and assistance is greatly appreciated. (picture me in orange face paint and tritium eyebrows)


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