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    Debating the SUB5000T

    Dear friends, We enjoy and appreciate the debate about the SUB5000T and also at the same time, it's success which makes it, the most successful DOXA SUB since the introduction of the SUB300T re-edition in 2001.

    The reason for this success is simply, that we have listened for the past 6 years and now have incorporated all requested features you asked for in one watch.

    Many have recognized, that a watch is the product of a whole, and not of small separate attributes. We know and understand that there is a tiny bit for every one in the SUB5000T that can be adapted to his personal taste. But this will make 200 different versions of the SUB5000T.

    I have owned hundreds of watches over the past 20 years but I was never involved in building them, I like each watch as a whole and that is why I decided to purchase it at some point. Now,if I look at each watch I have, I will sure find one tiny bit that I dont like, or prefer it to be different. Take the time and look at each single watch you own and you will soon have the same feeling. Now that you own it though and were not involved in designing it, you don't mind, right?

    Finally, I like to say, that we have incorporated the most wanted features in one watch to please the majority of you and to challenge any dive watch in the world today, quality and feature wise and finally price-wise. We added some new lines to prove that we are indeed capable to design a new DOXA, and are not only living in the past. The new SUB5000T is different, but yet unmistakabely a DOXA SUB.

    Is the SUB5000T the watch for each and every DOXAholic, definitely not, else, we would not be selling any other models soon.

    The SUB5000T is a great tool watch and a perfect diver, at a bargain price for the returning customer.

    Honestly, Nobody, other than Pete can appreciate this watch, because he is the only one, who saw it in the flesh. So wait till you get it and you will be overwhelmed. I guarantee you

    Again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you and bring out what you wanted

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    Re: Debating the SUB5000T

    The Seaconquerer looks gorgeous to me. A little heritage, a little innovation (& thank goodness a domed crystal), I'm not sure I'm going to be able to resist this one.

    But whether it's the watch for each of us or not, it's "in the steel". The time for design suggestions is past pals. I gotta tell ya though, if Pete likes it I'm inclined to like it too.

    Love it or leave it, it's here now. Doxa has a wide range of offerings, ya pays yer money and ya takes yer pick!

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    Re: Debating the SUB5000T

    Quote Originally Posted by Danny S View Post
    ..................I gotta tell ya though, if Pete likes it I'm inclined to like it too.
    More true words have never been spoken...........
    Best Regards,

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    Re: Debating the SUB5000T

    That are some valid points Rick, a lot of our wishes from the past five years have been incorporated into one massive watch.

    I understand that Doxa cannot make 200 different custom Versions and needs to have a standard programm.

    But how about a "KUNDENSONDERWUNSCH" Department like Porsche has, I would love to manage this DOXA-TUNING-SHOP. Guys beware I would mod you some serious HEAVY METAL.

    Okay back serious, for sure there are some points or better details I would have done different but all in all there are a lot more details I would have done the way they are done now on this new Seaconqueror.

    The heft of the case and bracelet and the great looking micro adjuster in the clasp are excellent for my taste.

    Well all I wait for now is a Searambler or maybe one of the other Doxa Colours

    Can´t wait to see a Prototype-Pic of the Sharkhunter Version.

    Regards Bernie

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    Re: Debating the SUB5000T

    I think it looks great! Don't know yet if it's "for me" but I think it looks great anyway.
    I have too many watches.....

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    Re: Debating the SUB5000T

    My only problem is that my watch budget is tapped out. Three Doxa's in six months. Aieee Carumba!!!!! That's not including other watch purchases. Good thing the year's almost gone. If Doxa comes up with a Searambler version of the 5000 I'm Doomed!!!! I'm just hoping they hold off till next year and my new budget I really feel for you guys out there that collect more than the dive watches. Doxa GMTs and Tgraphs too? It'd drive me crazy. (as if I wasn't crazy enough now)

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    Re: Debating the SUB5000T

    Rick, I think in the past few months, you've won more Doxa fans than any other time before and it will only get better.

    Its great to see the Doxa range expand and try to cater for everyone!
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