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    Dial restoration info request

    My bro-in-law has a military-issued Tudor that needs the dial re-done, and I have my old Searambler that needs the same. Any suggestions for a restorer? Neither of us is looking to sell our respective pieces, so we're not concerned about keeping them all original. We just need a good artisan to do the work. I had the 'Rambler dial redone a couple years ago by a fairly well-known restorer and the results were, well, less than good.....



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    Re: Dial restoration info request

    I'm looking forward to hearing the experiences of others, too ... are you looking to have the "u.s. divers" logo done?

    Is there some concern about using International Dial in Ohio, I've seen their name come up on the forum so I would expect you are already familiar with them?


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    Re: Dial restoration info request

    Looking at International Dials abbreviated website, it looks like they have several levels of dial refinishing, from the lower priced "just looks good" to the absolutely dead on accurate restoration that a collector would require. Probably wouldn't hurt to give them a call and discuss their services.

    I had a Searambler dial redone a couple of years ago. Jack @ IWW had the dial redone as part of the restoration of one of my Doxas. I don't know who he used, but I was not impressed with the job. Printing was fine, but the fonts were not correct. This was a really beat up watch, and Jack's suggestion was not to spend a whole lot of money on the dial, as the bezel was pretty worn and the case wasn't in the best of shape. The watch turned out OK, but had it been a nicer watch to start with, I would have wanted a better dial restoration.

    Those old Military issue Tudors are really esculating in price, and a bad redial would destroy the value (actually, any redial will decrease the value, even a good one). Possibly he could find a NOS dial to replace his?
    Good Luck with your search
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    Re: Dial restoration info request

    Yes, I think it is almost ALWAYS a better idea to put an original dial in a VERY RARE watch rather than a redial. Of course, I am not speaking from experience, but...........I DO know someone that has some information on this issue.
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    Re: Dial restoration info request

    Aha a useful former post...


    IWW does come recommended but as noted above not everyone agrees. I used Jurgen and although my watch isn't back yet i have great faith from pics of his work i have seen. For reference, not cheap - circa $400 for complete redial.


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