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    Diver Clasp Help(will not open)

    My new 1000T is very hard to open, actually next to impossible I cannot open it simply by pulling up on the clasp I have to put my finger under the clasp to get leverage to open it. Is there a way to adjust the clasp so it is not so tight?


    Reply from DOXA

    Hi mzimand and welcome to the DOXA forum. A clasp should be tight to a certain extent, in order not to release accidentally, especially when new, it will be tigher, as it will give with usage, but it should not impossible to release, with bare hands, unless you are wearing your bracelet way too tight, this will give the lever no room to move release, and a great deal of force must be applied to open the clasp.

    But if you are used to wearing your bracelets very tight, then the workaround this issue is to lift the other side of the clasp, this should resolve the problem in the first few days of usage, and you will notice that the clasp will start releasing easier every day. If you still have problems with releasing the clasp, please contact DOXA service departement by email or phone, and we will help immediately.

    Thank you
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    Re: Diver Clasp Help(will not open)

    My 1000 T was the same way when I received it a year ago. I could hardly open the clasp. I took a small, fine metal file and filed down (LIGHTLY) the inside of the clasp where the little "bumps" are that help secure it. Now it works absolutley perfectly. Just don't over file it!! It would open too easily then.

    Hope this helps.
    Coach T

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    Re: Diver Clasp Help(will not open)

    I got my first 1000T in July 2007. It and my second 1000T had the same problem. I would caution against removing metal, because once removed you can't replace it. Natural wear will make the clasp loosen up. This was a topic when the first 1000s in July 2007 came out. If you do a search I'm sure you'll be able to find it. There was also a neat video which a member posted showing an easy method to open a tight flip lock clasp. Good luck

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    Re: Diver Clasp Help(will not open)

    One of mine is the same. I find that by lifting from the edge rather than the center of the clasp I can open it without the aid of a small “pry bar”.

    Kerry P

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    Re: Diver Clasp Help(will not open)

    Wow... I should have searched. My brand new 1000T Divingstar does the exact same thing. I've thought about using the rubber strap and then sending the bracelet in... but I just love the rice beads. I find it opens more easily if I grab the edges and open it from the side. It also opens easily if I unclasp the extension first... but then you have to close both the extension and the main clasp which can be a PIA. I'll just be patient and assume it will get better over the course of a year. I've been wearing this watch all week. Love the crystal.
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    Re: Diver Clasp Help(will not open)

    I have the 1000T and the same issue.. tried opening it like the normal clasp but would not budge.. I actually thought you have to open it from the wetsuit extension side first so that's what I have been doing.. it works for me.. anyways i still love this one..

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    Re: Diver Clasp Help(will not open)

    My solution was to take a pair of pliers and to gently squeeze the notched metal bar in the clasp that slips into the open groove. This is where the binding is occurring. Go slow and test often, or you could squeeze it too tight and then it won't "lock." I did this on mine and now it opens and closes just fine.

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    Re: Diver Clasp Help(will not open)

    Several of my Doxas have a very firm clasp and rather than try to modify them I simply flip up the small top car with "Doxa" on it and then at the other end of the clasp I pull the bracelet away from my wrist a few mm and simply insert the tip of my finger between the outer clasp and the folded extension links and they open really easily.

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