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    Diver Strap Question

    When did DOXA offer the diver strap that said DOXA SUB that is pictured on the top of the accessories page. I find that to be the best looking strap I've seen and would love to get one when I pick up a new watch after Christmas. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Diver Strap Question

    I got my orange "DOXA SUB" strap with my 600T as a bonus when I purchased it in March 2005. When else it was available I dont know. But they were definately around in 2005.
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    Re: Diver Strap Question

    Chaps, first ,Welcome to the Doxa Forum!

    I suspect the strap you refer to is the one sometimes referred to as a "Hershey Bar" strap, it says DOXA SUB in a field of recessed lines. These were made in 20mm if memory serves, and fit the SUB 600 series (excluding the T Graph) and would also fit the Vintage SUBs and the new 1000T SUBs.

    Unfortunately they were sold out long ago. I really liked them too, and was lucky enough to score one for my vintage 300T. They look a lot like the Breitling "diver" strap, which is also referred to often as a "Hershey Bar" strap. Sure wish they'd make more, but I don't see it happening.

    I'd suggest you post a WTB in the sales corner and keep an eye on eBay, one might pop up, one never knows!
    Regards, T Bone.

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