Doxa 1200t or 5000t
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Thread: Doxa 1200t or 5000t

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    Doxa 1200t or 5000t

    I'm looking at getting my first Doxa, but I'm torn between the 1200t and the 5000t. My biggest concern is size. I prefer the bracelet on the 5000t and the overall look.

    I currently wear a beater Seiko skx007 and an SMP, and both fit my smaller wrists perfectly. I also had an Explorer ii that was nicely proportioned.

    I've read that the 5000t lug to lug is smaller than it seems, so it may actually fit more like the 007 and SMP.

    Does anyone have any comparison pics, or thoughts on how the 5000t vs 1200t would compare to a 007 or SMP?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Doxa 1200t or 5000t

    I don't have the 5000T but I have owned the 750T but now own the M31, and also a 1200T. I'd say the 1200T wears like a Seiko 007 by way of size the larger cases tend to wear more like the venerable 6309, or even a touch larger. The 1200T is the classic size, it fits well without being toooooo large, but then again my wrists are hovering around 7" or so.

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    Re: Doxa 1200t or 5000t

    My first choice would be the new 50th Anniversary SUB and second choice would be the 1200T if you're concerned about wrist size. The 5000T doesn't follow historical DOXA SUB DNA... A nice watch, but the others are better. I have 8" wrists so the only choice for me was the 1500T Pro and Searambler. I always have my eyes open for nice preowned 750Ts too.
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    Re: Doxa 1200t or 5000t

    I wore a Seiko SKX 173 for nearly 20 years before I received my 1500T Professional. I looked for a long time at the 1200, and nearly went that route. My 1500 is a perfect size, and I now struggle with a second DOXA, and if I will find a 1200 Sharkhunter too small. The 5000 has been replaced with the 6000, which a friend of mine bought, and is a great watch! Normally, Doxa has a holiday 15% off sale for the holidays, and you can get new for what some of the pre-owned are selling for on the web! Back to the size, I have a 7" wrist, and the 45mm size is fine for me!Name:  doxa 1500.jpeg
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    Re: Doxa 1200t or 5000t

    If you like the way the SKX and SMP fit, the 1200t is perfect. And as for the bracelet, the new BOR with individual beads on the 1200t is the most comfortable bracelet ever, and is the classic Doxa. My vote goes for the 1200t, or the 50th anniversary Sub before they sell out.

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    Re: Doxa 1200t or 5000t

    I've had a 5000, and I shouldn't have let it go. Great watch & very comfortable!
    That said, I'm on the list for a 300.

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    I know you asked for pics (and I don't have that) but my advice is to go with the 1200 since you like the SKX, the 5000 is a big watch.

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    Re: Doxa 1200t or 5000t

    Turns out I might have a bit of insight for you. Really depends on what your looking for style wise, and to some extent your wrist size though this is less of an issue than you might think. Both are very wearable. I have about a 6 7/8" wrist.

    The 1200t is classic in both size and style. Compared to some of the huge/tall/chunky watches it has a retro/vintage feel. Compared to a seiko it wears about the same on the wrist. I don't currently have a 007, but the 2 seikos shown are both 42mm too. I really love the beads of rice bracelet, but the clasp is a fault if the watch has one. I don't personally mind the clasp but it's the weak point.

    The 1500t (similar size to 500t) is larger in every way. The face feels much larger, and the height adds to the wrist presence. It is a tall watch but the cushion case helps hide some height. It is heavier but well balance on the bracelet and the clasp is fantastic. The bracelet while incredibly well executed is somewhat lack luster, it hint's at the beads of rice heritage without actually having"it".

    I think you can wear either from a 6.5" wrist to 7.5", or up, just depends on you. The 1200 will feel most similar to the seiko/amp you mention but the face will look smaller on the wrist. So are you looking for BOLD w/ a hint of heritage or classic?
    Good luck with your decision.
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    Re: Doxa 1200t or 5000t

    I agree that the 1200 and the SKX007 wear similarly. Here's my 1200 on my 6.75" wrist if that helps...
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