Doxa 1500t lug width and bracelet
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Thread: Doxa 1500t lug width and bracelet

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    Doxa 1500t lug width and bracelet

    The Project Aware version claims 22mm lugs, yet I could swear I'd read elsewhere the 1500t had 21mm. Also, is the bracelet the same on the PA2 and the Professional? The pics are misleading, they look similar, but the angle of the shot on the PA2 page makes it seem that the bracelet could be different than the other versions.

    Thanks, I think I'm getting close to grabbing my first Doxa and it may be my only, so I want to get it right.

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    Re: Doxa 1500t lug width and bracelet

    That must be a typo, the lug width on all 1500T's including the Project Aware II is 21.5mm. And the bracelets are the same.

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