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    Doxa 5000t

    Finally the screws for attaching the bracelet. 5000m, now this might be safe in my pool. The name Sea............ my eyes are not that great looks alittle funky and will the dial be in differnt colors? And a PVD version? This has been asked before I am sure but curious and also as to projected price?


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    Re: Doxa 5000t

    Hi Paul. The pre-order link is up (for pricing). Not too shabby. As for the 5000, it is in feet (a bit more than 1500m, still way more that they've ever produced and more than an adequate depth rating by any standard).

    The name Conquistador is on this prototype (name they used on HRV equipped watches decades ago), but that name was snatched up by another company and trademarked, so the new one will be called the Seaconquerer (unsure if it's one word or two).

    ETA: I see it's a pic of the Seaconquerer up now, one word.

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    Dear T-Bone, thank you for replying to Paul, I like to add that the name Seaconqueror was the initial name, given to the first HRV watch made by DOXA in 1969, but back in 1969, a new trend of using spanish names has appeared in the Swiss watch industry, like , the El Primero on Zenith, and several others. DOXA followed the trend and gave the first HRV model, the spanish name, Conquistador.

    Back in the 80s, DOXA had found this name to be inadequate, as the term " Conquistador" actually refers to the Spanish knights or soldiers, who took part in the gradual invasion and conquering of much of the Americas, but also robbed those country's resources and started slavery in South America. For this reason, DOXA did not extend the registration of the trademark "Conquistador" in the 80s.

    Well, 40 years later, we are returning back to where we belong, to the classic Swiss dive watch naming style , the word SEA as an integral part of the name, like we used back in the 60s and 70s, in the Serambler, Seamaid, Searock. Other Swiss brands have also extensively used this type of naming convention for their dive watches. If you would ask me, who started this style, I assume Omega, with their Seamaster, back in the 50s

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