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    Doxa 5000t Bracelet Size,

    Hey, I need some info on the max wrist size the 5000's bracelet will fit. I have a 750 and needed to remove 2 links - I hear the 5000 is not as long. because of the divers extension True or False? Thanks

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    Re: Doxa 5000t Bracelet Size,


    Not sure of exact measurements but I wore a few 750's and had to remove two links for my 7 1/4 wrist, just got a 5000T and removed two links also. Doesn't seem to be a shorted bracelet than the 750's.

    BTW, the ratcheting divers extension is AWESOME! I have only had my 5000T for a week but have used the extension numerous times already to compensate for wrist swelling.

    Hope this helps


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