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    DOXA 6000T

    Are there any 6000T left? It's not up on Doxas homepage yet... Is it possible to order?
    I'm not sure if I should have a 6000T or the 300 reissue.
    I have a Numa blue and a 750T Searambler and have decided that I have to have an orange DOXA too! :) What does the other Doxaholics think?

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    Re: DOXA 6000T

    In my case I have very clear. The 300t or 50th anniversary . But it depends on the size of your wrist. Mine is small , so I prefer a small clock .
    Anyway , being a Doxa watch , certainly not fail in your decision.
    A great.

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    Re: DOXA 6000T

    I guess it just can't go wrong with a Doxa! Since I have a 750T the size wouldn't be a problem with the 6000T.. But maybe the 300 would be nice...
    Hmm decisions decisions..

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    I'd go with the 6000, it's a nice heavy dive watch that can take whatever punishment you throw at it. If I wanted a 300 I'd find one of the original ones with the Aqua Lung logo and have it rebuilt.

    While the 6000 is a nice watch, it will probably be the only Doxa I get; how many does one need? My other daily wearer is a Seamaster, that I really like.

    The 6000 gets a lot of looks too. It's very different from any watch I've ever seen.
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    Re: DOXA 6000T

    It took forever to decide on the 1500T Professional over the 1200T Sharkhunter. I agree with BT2, the 6000T is a great watch, which is why the 5000T sold out!
    When I spring for the next Doxa, it will probably be a 1200T Sharkhunter, or, if they decide to make a 6000T Sharkie, I might go for it!
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