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    DOXA 750T Sharkhunter

    Went for $1075.00. What I think is a bargain that I hope one of us has?

    Would have bid but watch fund is in rehab!

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    Re: DOXA 750T Sharkhunter

    Yes, it was a good deal based on recent prices. But this was a typical price for this watch just 5 or 6 months ago. What really surprised me was that it only broke $900 in the last hour.

    IMHO, factors that limited it's price included several aspects of the timing of the auction. A lot of people are thinking about holiday shopping right now, which will cut out a lot of the market. The auction ended the evening before Thanksgiving in the US, which is a major night out on the town for many (about the biggest bar night of the year). The auction was timed to end at 9:45 PM West Coast Time, which makes it too late for many on Eastern Standard Time to sit through to the end..... (not all of us though ).

    What made the watch most desirable as a second hand IMHO was the described condition, which was backed up by the seller's impeccable feedback, that included the recent sale of two very nice Doxa's (which both brought nearer what I'd call current market price).

    Someone bought a nice watch at a great price.
    Regards, T Bone.

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    Re: DOXA 750T Sharkhunter

    i was in on that..
    and a couple of others ..
    there is a 300t with old style hands going now...
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