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    Doxa 800ti production numbers

    Thinking about an 800 for the next Doxa. How many were made? 500 professional and 500 sharkies? Wasn't there a PVD as well? 500 of those as well? Was there, or will there be a series 2?

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    Re: Doxa 800ti production numbers

    I think the pruduction plan was for 500 pieces total, and since DOXA usually runs the watches in 50 unit blocks, it's hard to say without official word how many were made of each. They do this so that the demand is properly met, so if the Pro is more popular, they might eventually make 750 Pros, and only 250 Sharkhunters. But if the demand dwindles after a certain period of time, they'll sell out of the last run of 50, and discontinue the model. There were no PVD 800Tis, and since this has been a slower model to sell out, it was released in '08 or '09, we probably won't see a Series 2.
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    Re: Doxa 800ti production numbers

    I think the cases were used for the M31 as well. I do not know if that affects the 800Ti production numbers at all though.

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