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    DOXA Advertising

    Zap this thread if this has been covered before. I didn't know DOXA SUBs were advertised anywhere. One DOXA attraction for me is that they aren't sold in malls or watch stores, and obscurity means there are no replicas. (Not counting SOXAs or copycats.)

    So I was amazed to fly on U.K. easyJet airlines this week, and see a full-page ad for the 4000T Pro in their July 2013 Traveller inflight magazine. It's on page 131, captioned "Times the world", and refers people to, as opposed to DOXA WATCHES SWISS MADE WATCHES since 1889 l Clive Cussler Edition | SUB 1200T PROFESSIONAL DIVE WATCH !!NEW model!!.

    Is there other advertising going on now that I missed? I'm happy for DOXA that they have enough of our cash to advertise. But if the ads work, and they somehow manage to quadruple their sales, I can honestly say I'll also be a bit unhappy. Yes, I'm conflicted about this.

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    Re: DOXA Advertising

    Also Just picked up "Wristwatch Magazine" Spring Issue it has a 2 page article on the Jean-Michael-Cousteau Doxa 1200 Sub they are auctioning off on Ebay July 15th. Looks like Doxa is showing in Print & online more these days.

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