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    Exclamation DOXA Forum Rules & Guidelines

    Welcome to the official DOXA Forum.

    Before you start, however, you must read these rules and guidelines:

    DOXA watches LTD welcomes your participation in our official DOXA Forum. This is a moderated forum and is operated and monitored by DOXA watches LTD. This forum offers you the chance to interact with others who share the same passion (wrist watches especially DOXA watches), with the manufacturer and their staff and with other DOXA Forum members. In order to make your stay as pleasant and constructive as possible please take your time to read through this document. The following rules can be changed without prior notice though usually we announce changes via announcement the forum.

    We ask that you Post with respect for all players - the moderator, operator and administrator of the forum, fellow forum members and DOXA Watches LTD as a manufacturer and a forum member as well. This is a community. So, when you post, we encourage you to tell your fellow community members a little about who you are - not just an e-mail address, but a bit of a bio. It enriches the discussion to know who's "behind the post."

    In order to keep this forum enjoyable and interesting for all of members, we ask simply that you follow these minimal rules. By participating in the Discussion forum, you are consenting to these rules. Violators may be warned, suspended from posting, or banned from the forum at the sole discretion of the DOXA watches LTD staff.

    Exercise common sense and be considerate toward your fellow members. Diversity of opinion and intelligent civil discourse is encouraged; by the same token, insults and “flaming” are not tolerated. Disagreeing with an idea is different from attacking another member or the manufacturer.
    ************************************************** *******

    Please do not post any inquiries about billing, repair, service or delivery issues at this forum, postings with these topics are not handled by the DOXA staff operating this forum, please note that you can contact DOXA service department directly at [email protected] or billing department at [email protected] . If you experience any troubles contacting DOXA by email or if your email stays unanswered for longer than 10 business days, we assume that our email security Spamfilter is not letting your email through, in this case please use the contact form at, to contact DOXA watches LTD.
    ************************************************** *******

    No linking to live auctions. Linking to a live auction really is a double edged sword. You may get the information you need, but you're only hurting your chance of getting a good deal in the end. More over, if you have no interest in the item yourself, you have possibly hurt someone else's chance of getting a good deal. Exceptions: links to incorrect, misleading or fraudulent auctions are permitted provided that the sole intention is to warn other members. These can be deleted at the moderators discretion if they feel the item does not fall under this classification.

    DOXA watches LTD and its moderators reserve the right to delete posts and/or whole conversations we determine are of an irrelevant, aggressive, abusive, offensive or disruptive nature. Postings containing incorrect details or misleading information about a member, product or the manufacturer will be deleted without prior notice. DOXA is a reputable Swiss watch manufacturer and the name DOXA has stood up for quality, customer friendliness and integrity for over 1 century, In case you are not satisfied with a product or a staff member’s reply to an email etc.. Please direct your feedback, complains or questions directly to DOXA at [email protected]. Postings offending or questioning the standing, integrity, credibility or strategy of DOXA watches LTD will be also deleted without prior notice.

    You must use your real name when posting and provide an e-mail address where we may contact you, if necessary, during the registration process. Your e-mail address will not be published on the site, except by you actively choosing to do so. You are limited to one user account on the system. Under no circumstances can you deliberately use someone else's name for your name.

    All Watchuseek Official Rules and Guidelines are in effect here. Please take the time to read them and ask questions if you do not understand something. Here is an important excerpt from the Official Rules: 5) Images in posts and signatures containing weapons of any kind (including, but not limited to, guns and knives) are not allowed. There is an exception for pictures of a documentary nature which illustrate the actual use of watches, and which are in keeping with the general theme of the forum in which they are posted. Staged or gratuitous pictures containing weapons, however, are prohibited without exception.
    Moreover, any picture that would not be suitable for viewing at an average workplace should not be posted here, i.e. nudity and other adult themes are unacceptable.
    Please generally exercise discretion when posting pictures in keeping with the kind and courteous spirit of the forum. In case of doubt, please contact the forum moderators prior to posting in order to avoid disputes and misunderstandings.
    Any posting of images is subject to review, and the determination of what is acceptable is at the sole discretion of the moderators and the management of Watchuseek. They will take appropriate action should any picture be deemed to be offensive or aggressive, and their decisions are final.

    We further reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to remove a user's privilege to post content in our discussion forum. Suspended members who re-register with new accounts will have those accounts deactivated without notice. Repeated attempts will result in our contacting your ISP with a complaint.

    Here is a summary of the rules:

    Read up before asking! There are lots of topics that have been handled in previous posting. There is a FAQ page at that will answer most of your questions. Use the search function before posting. Chances are your question has already been answered. Respect the netiquette, Lurk and get to know the forum before you post. Instructions by the moderators are to be followed. Inappropriate content will be removed without notice. Do not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, racist, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws. Personal attacks, rudeness, flaming, baiting, insults to others or to the operator of this forum, or arguments will not be tolerated. Challenge others' points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully. Postings offending or questioning the standing, integrity, credibility or strategy of DOXA watches LTD will be also deleted without prior notice. Any member, who threatens anyone on the forum including the operator, the moderator or the manufacturer will be banned immediately without notice. Do not post repair, service or product issues on this forum, those should be sent directly to DOXA’s staff by email or through the web form. Register using only one user name, Creating multiple user accounts will be considered a denial-of-service attack on the forums and will result in your being banned from the forum and reported to your ISP. By becoming a member you agree to adhere to these guidelines. These guidelines are subject to change and a current version is always available in the forums. Members that violate these rules may be suspended or banned without prior notice.

    DOXA watches LTD
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