It goes without saying how much I have enjoyed my ownership of the DOXA watches I have purchased. And saying that I want to make a new pitch as many of other DOXA owners have in the past. I am torn between my tow favorite types, the 5000T Professional and Sharkhunter; due in large part to the stainless steel markers and the lume. The stainless steel markers make it easier for me to read the watch at any angle or light. The second is the 4000T with sapphire bezel. The size of the watch is just right for me and the sapphire bezel does not allow the paint to wear off as does in the standard bezel. The draw back is the Professional model is hard to read the orange bezel numbers in low light against the black background.

It would make a great DOXA addition to create a watch that has the best of both worlds, using the 4000T platform and the stainless steel markers with larger lume inserts, the "Safe Dive" half dial insert could be finished in a brushed stainless to make it pop against the orange back ground of the dial. As for the bezel, combine the numbering that is used for the 4000T sapphire version and just use the traditional steel bezel and engrave it into the bezel with no paint, just exquisite engraving that will wear perfectly, finally a lume insert in the steel bezel at the 12:00 o clock location for use in low lights. Finally giving an option for the Military Black version with either Orange or Black dial face.

From what I have seen with the 5000T Professional model sold very fast and with great reason it was awesome. The 4000T is as popular and I wear both all the time swapping one day to the next. In fact the 5000T due to its size is perfect with dress cloths and a suit.

I closing, I want to see what all of you think. Cheers.