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    DOXA Patches and T-Shirts- come and get em'!

    Okay! By popular demand -

    THE DOXA SUB PATCH (as featured in the Searaiders report) is now ready to go on sale!

    The price is: $10.00 for one patch. If you are ordering more than one patch at one time, the price for each addition patch IN THE SAME ORDER is $6.00

    Your patch will be sent to you via airmail.

    IMPORTANT - there will be a second post to this outlining how to order - so PLEASE - wait a short while - I promise to have the details posted shortly.


    Customer Care
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    Re: DOXA Patches - come and get em'!

    Hi Guys!

    To order the Patches and T-Shirts, yes, I said T-Shirts! Use paypal, our paypal address is: [email protected]

    In the comments box just specify what you are ordering and how many. Read what Jim said above about pricing on the patches.

    T-Shirts $19.00, if you guys can wait until they arrive in the US(2 to 3 weeks), shipping is $7.00, if you want them right now, shipped from Europe 48 hours after ordering, $20.00.

    Shipping on patches, I am still working on that. I'll let you know when I know

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    Re: DOXA Patches - come and get em'!

    Thanks Andy, I can wait a few more weeks. In the mean time, any chance of getting a picture up somewhere for us to see? Thanks in advance!
    Regards, T Bone.

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    Re: DOXA Patches - come and get em'!

    I'm in, and I can wait. I'll def. order a shirt and probably a couple of patches.
    I have too many watches.....

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