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    I have to say that the customer service at Doxa is first rate. In late Dec/early Jan of this year I noticed that I was unable to manually wind my SUB750T to get it going after not wearing for a few days.

    I sent Doxa an email and they diagnosed it and asked me to return it for a warranteed repair. I sent it off on it's merry way and Doxa kept me informed all along the way. What I had anticipated was the watch coming back with an entirely new movement installed. It's great that Doxa did this with no questions asked, but I was a little concerned that a somewhat "high-end" or at least prestigious watch that is supposed to be able to take what ever I throw at it and that had been worn on and off in a casual way with little or no hard knocks, needed to have a new movement.

    Now things happen and it's possible to get a bum movement. Doxa replaced it, gave the watch a lube and full service and shipped it back to me. It's been running great ever since - but I'm still surprised/concerned that a watch that was less that one year old had to have the movement replaced - oh well, we'll see how it goes.

    I just thought I'd share this in light of the recent Doxa service and manufacture quality issue. Doxa did right by me and so what if they outsource part of the manufacture process. As long as they stand behind their product and do the right thing I'm okay with that.

    I think that it would help us all and Doxa if there were a constructive and comprehensive answer to all of the negative "buzz" that's been going around on the forum. Sour grapes can be very destructive, a simple response by Doxa to set the record straight would go a long way.

    I love my SUB, but at the end of the day it's just a watch. I have two great Chinese made watches that were under $60 a piece that are more reliable and accurate than any of the other watches I own, so I for one am okay with the recent news and it doesn't suddenly change how I look at my watch.

    Enjoy your SUBs folks, they're the same lovely watches that they were just a few days ago!

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    Re: Doxa quality - surprising new movt

    I agree that their products are very nice, but still, lets wait until Doxa explains itself. Support for the watches and the brand, to me, also means support for the company. Without all three, I can't in good faith support them.

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